👬 Double-Ended Dildos 101: Our Pro Guide On How to Use with Tips and Positions

All sex toys are extremely fun and exciting and capable of altering your sex into ways you wouldn’t have fantasized about before. From vibrators to fantasy dildos and various kinds of anal toys, the options are so diverse and unlimited that they can have a beginner tide up in a lot of confusion when choosing what may tickle their fancy. So, if you are relatively new to the luscious world of sex toys but want to try something that can induce several-fold orgasms and is a bit more extreme than the basic dildos and vibrators then double-ended dildos are your way to go.

Double Dildo Basics

Double dildos are unlike any other dildo on the adult market. They’re designed for double penetration in one form or another. And what makes these double dildos different is that they comprise two ends that can be used. Some models can be used for double penetration between partners, while some can be used for double penetration on yourself. This means there are a couple of different designs of double dildos, but the end result is still the same.

A Double Ended Dildo is called by many names - double-sided dildos, double-headed dildos, double dildos. But whichever term you prefer, they are one of the most incredible types of dildos ever conceived. It has a long shaft of smooth, sturdy rubber with a molded head at both sides for penetration. It is flexible and can be bent to fit you most comfortably.

How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

There is no end to the prospects, plays, and levels that you can reach when working it out using a double-ended dildo. Not only does it bring tremendous pleasure to you, but it also does the same favors to your partner while you enjoy each other’s erotic company and orgasm-inspired expressions. Weigh all the options you have in front of you and choose the perfect double-ended dildo. As far as the question of ‘how to use a double dildo' is concerned, you can use it in any way you see fit. Try on the cowgirl position by folding and resting the middle of the shaft on a flat surface and squatting on it or simply grab your partner, find a position that suits you and let the endless penetration begin. In the end, double penetration and double dildos equal gratifying and long-lasting passionate orgasms.

Use Plenty of Lube

Once you have your double dildo figured out, the next step is personal lubrication. Lots and lots and lots of lube, ladies, and gents! Your vagina may be naturally lubricated but extra lube is always recommended. Go for water-based lube, as the safest option. Furthermore, with your anus, you will need to have plenty of lubrication for easy insertion. Now, if you’re not quite sure about using a double dildo for double penetration, it’s ok to just use it for your vagina. One of the benefits of a double dildo is that it is very long, so you’ll be able to have much deeper penetration than with a normal dildo on its own.

Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is so important with a double dildo. In fact, it can take quite a few tries before both people are comfortable and able to experience individual and shared pleasure to the fullest. When using a double dildo with your partner, communication is of paramount importance. Talk to each other. Just because you are comfortable and enjoying yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is as well. Check-in with each other and don’t be afraid to stop or change positions. The more you communicate, the better your double stuffing experience will be.

Experiment with Positions

How you use your double-ended dildo depends on whether you are on a solo quest, or if you want to share the double fun. If you’re flying solo, you'll want a flexible double-ended dildo so it's easier to get to grips with. They may feel wobbly and cumbersome at first, but by bending and twisting it you'll find that it becomes much firmer - and you can use both ends vaginally and anally. If it's your first time exploring double-ended dildos, choose one that has one slimmer end for easier penetration.

Double Dildo Sex Positions For Gay and Lesbian Couples

If you are in a relationship, introducing a double dildo can open up a world of opportunities. Just because you prefer the company of vulva owners or penis havers, doesn’t mean that you don’t also enjoy being penetrated. A double dildo can bring two individuals closer, both physically and emotionally. While the hardest part about using a double dildo is finding the right position, this is a bit easier when partnered play is concerned. Before you start, however, you might want to practice what those positions are, as once the dildo is inserted, it can be hard to move.

Play around, using your knowledge of each other to determine how you want to be placed with a double dildo. There will be some physical constraints to consider, such as the length and girth of the double whammy, so keep this in mind. Once you have an idea of how to use a double-headed dildo, it’s time to get out the lube. It can’t be stressed enough how important lube is when it comes to sex toys, whether an anal or vaginal play is concerned. Make sure you and your partner are ready and then get into your agreed-upon position. It’s usually best if one person inserts the dildo first, to ensure they are comfortable. Then, the other person can sort themselves out.

Silicone double dildos are ideal to start out with because they are so flexible, plus silicone is the safest material for sex toys. You can position them for the best pleasure for both individuals. If you are ready to advance to the next stage, you can then try a tempered glass or metal double dildos. These materials are rigid, so they don’t bend, nor can they actually break. However, they are often textured for enhanced pleasure and the cool feel of the material adds a whole new sensation.


Prop yourselves up with pillows and position one leg over each other’s opposite leg, so that you can get really up close and personal in the pubic area. Slip an end of the dildo inside each of you and take turns reaching one hand under your propped-up leg to move the dildo between you.

The Double Header

If you’ve got a couple of holes to fill, break out your best double-headed dildo. You and a partner get on your hands and knees, butt to butt, with one end in each of you, and rock back onto it. You can also use the dildos for anal to anal or mix ’n’ match for one side anal and one vaginally. If you need more stimulation, a buzzy toy or hand on your clit makes it all make sense. Remember to always coat your double dildos with a condom and always have it changed if you'd be switching sides.

The Gateway D Sex Position

If your partner is intimidated by a realistic-looking dildo, start slow with a non-threatening glass or metal toy. Have your partner slide the end of the dildo up against the top wall of your vagina while they rub along the sides of your clit with two lubed fingers in a V shape. They also work for P-spot stimulation and can be warmed or cooled for temperature play.

Double Dildo Positions For Hetero Couple Play

Unlike gay couples, which have a bit more freedom position-wise, if using a double dildo for vaginal and anal use, you will really need to ponder about positions. Similar to what was discussed with vulva-owners, it’s best to try out these positions beforehand. Some more common, easier-to-use positions include doggy style or some variation of cowgirl. While you could use a more rigid dildo made of tempered glass or stainless steel, a more flexible style made from silicone is recommended as you will probably have to move it around for both people to feel comfortable. Once you have figured out a few positions that could work, take out the lube and get to work. You can decide which partner will be inserted with the dildo first. However, many men go first as it can be a bit more difficult to insert a dildo into an anus.

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Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl Positions

Good news. Two of your favorites - Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl - are totally double-ended dildo compatible. To make things even spicier, slide a vibrating ring onto your partner’s shaft. It’s low-cost, low-effort, and you can basically go about sex as you always do but with extra stimulation. Other sex toy opportunities exist, too. With these positions, you can use a hands-free clitoral vibrator, nipple clamps, and a butt plug - you name it. There’s tons of room for additional fun with these classics, so get experimenting.

Face-Off Position

Sit facing each other, then bring yourself onto your hands and feet in a semi 'crab' position. Slide the double dildo between you, and insert it slowly. By intertwining your legs, you can both enjoy the full length of the dildo as you thrust forwards and back, while still maintaining eye contact.

Crouching Prone

If you’re a fan of a tighter fit, you might enjoy the Crouching Prone. This position combines the aggressive fun of the almighty doggy style with the intimacy of spooning sex. Though it makes sex toy access a little harder than either position in its original form, the Crouching Prone does offer space for reach-arounds, so your partner can grab a vibrator and supplement penetration with a little clitoris- or nipple-based fun.

Double Dildo Sex Positions for Solo Play Exploration

Just because you are by yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t experience all the pleasure you want to and get to know different double dildo positions. While some people love their suction cup dildos, having a double-sided dildo for solo play may take a bit of extra effort, but once you get the hang of it, it is worth it.


While masturbation can be an excellent opportunity to explore your body and learn what feels good, sometimes a long session isn’t an option, and all we want is to enjoy the finale. As orgasms promote better sleep and help you relax, there is no reason you shouldn’t engage in self-pleasure, even if you’re extremely busy. For those vulva owners who want to explore double-headed dildo play, spooning is perfect for double penetration. The double-ended dildo can be inserted in both holes for truly gratifying sensations. Don't forget to lube up and use your double-ended dildos as intended.

Squatting Cowgirl

Masturbation might not be as exciting as partnered sex, but it surely has its fair share of amazingness. You can get to know your body better, be selfish and learn how to achieve different types of orgasms. The only real downside is that squatting position is often not an option as a dildo is hard to balance. Yet, the deep penetration and direct G spot stimulation are hard to replicate in any other position.

Standing Doggy Style

Doggy is our favorite suction cup dildo position as it allows you to engage in all types of sensations. As you’re beginning to get into the mood, try temperature play and switch between hot and cold water. It will introduce your body to new sensations and send all kinds of shivers down your spine. Then you can lean forward and gently insert the suction cup dildo inside.

Double-Headed Dildo Safety & Storage

Because there are a few various types of double dildos, they will need extra care between uses. There is also the fact if anal play is involved, there will be a need for disinfection of the dildo.

Soft skinned or jelly-type double-ended dildos will only be able to be washed with antibacterial soap. This can be either one you have purchased as an adult toy cleaner, a mild dishwashing soap, or a bar of body soap that contains such properties. At this stage, you need to check for any cracks or cuts in the material. While washing, extra care needs to be taken around any realistic veins, or around the penis head.

The more rigid double-ended dildos can be washed in the same way, but as it is typically fixed in this ‘C’ position, there is less chance the material will split from bending. However, it is easy to catch the material with fingernails, so a double check is still required.

Storage areas should be in cool, dry containers, and double dildos need storing in their original packing if there's any. The longer double-ended dildos need a large enough place to lie flat, so these might need a more extended storage box to accommodate their full length.

Final Thoughts on Using Double-Ended Dildos in Your Sex Life

Double dildos can look harsh at first glance. They are long, strong, can pack a significant punch, need maneuvering and are the subject of intimate planning, so get your notebooks ready. However, there are plenty of times when they can prove useful. Using a double dildo on your own can leave you completely satisfied, they are especially useful for gay and lesbian couples, and even heterosexual couples can spice up the bedroom with one. While you may not have been sure how to use a double dildo, hopefully, you are now. The main aspect to remember is that communication is key and that if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Remember to always keep sex safe, rational, and consensual.

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