🔊 Are Vibrators Loud? A Different Point of View On Your Favorite Pleasure Toys

Ah, you’ve got this fantastic new vibrator that you want to try out immediately, but your roommate is in the other room, and you are afraid they will hear you. Or maybe you are feeling adventurous by yourself on the train today? Don’t worry; we got you. Let’s found out how loud you (and your vibrator) can be!

Are Vibrators Loud?

Are vibrators loud? Well, they can be (but don’t have to)! But we don’t want you saying that you are brushing your teeth in your room at 2 am, so we’ve gathered this information for you.

Whether a vibrator is loud or not depends on the vibrator itself - its price, as well as what size and model it is. The model and its design can also determine how loud a vibrator is since some materials are more sound-proof than others. There are differences, from small bullet vibrators that you completely insert and can wear for a longer time; to suction clitoral vibrators and giant loud wands. However, remember that a bigger vibrator doesn't necessarily mean more power; therefore - you may get a small vibrator, which may still be really powerful and loud.  So, before buying one, read many reviews and choose accordingly.

How Loud Are Vibrators?

A vibrator can be as loud as a conversation in a coffee shop; and as quiet as the average noise in a room (such as the background noise of a refrigerator). Usually, wands are said to be more powerful and, therefore, louder than the other vibrators. So you should definitely use them while your roommate is with their headphones on or away! Some of them are so loud that you can hear them even with your door closed. And we know that some walls are extremely thin…

On the contrary, the smaller clitoral massagers are more discrete and quieter, and your phone buzzing or keyboard typing can mask their noise! There are some vibrators that you cannot identify even if you are standing next to the person using them. They are also perfect for having a little fun and teasing your partner with a remotely controlled vibrator while at a business gathering or out with friends!

Again, how loud the vibrator exactly depends on how they built the device, what kind of stimulation they made it for, what materials they used, and many more things.

What to Do If You Have to Keep Quiet?

Captain Obvious... Get a Quiet Vibrator

Even if your roommate is there, you can still enjoy a vibrator without worrying about someone hearing you! It’s human, and all of us need it. All you need to do is get a quiet vibrator. Vibrators covered in rubber or made from rubber tend to be quieter because the rubber absorbs sound.

Also, wearable, hands-free, and other small clitoral vibrators allow you to enjoy yourself and not be heard even if the person is standing next to you! Some of them also make a great accessory since you can even wear them as jewelry, and no one would even think of what they are! They can even allow you to try them out in public if you are up for adventures. To know how loud is a vibrator, you need actually to try it out or read a lot of reviews. If a friend recommends one, it would even be better!

Make Your Vibrator Quiet

To make your vibrator quiet, you can:

  • Keep your door closed and the vibrator covered - try covering it with a pillow or bedcover.
  • Use materials such as bubble wrap that you can wrap around your vibrator to keep it silent. Of course, this doesn’t work for the completely insertable vibrators.
  • Be as far away as possible from the person that can hear you! Proximity matters when it comes to noise.

Use a Dildo Instead

To avoid the loud or not-so-loud noise from the vibrator; you can always choose a dildo instead! Or at least when your roomie is home! Basically, what makes the vibrators loud is mainly their motor - something dildos lack. And there are vibrating dildos, too; however, a non-vibrating one will guarantee discreteness and silence. The only noise you will need to control is the one that will come from you pleasuring yourself! We offer all kinds of vibrators and dildos, so there is plenty to choose from in our shop; it depends on what you feel most comfortable with and what will serve you best.

Final Thoughts

Whether you risk it all at home with a wild vibrator, a mini quiet beast vibrator, or a mute dildo, do not forget to enjoy yourself and leave all the worries of whether will someone hear or not in the background. Find a comfortable, discrete spot (and time) to unleash your beast; start by choosing your vibrator/dildo today from our collections!

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