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    41 products
    8.5 Inch Space Cock | Glow-in-the-Dark Fantasy Dildo
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    6.7 Inch Playful Fenek Fox Dildo
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    Are you feeling frisky and craving something... different? Then a dog dildo might be the perfect thing for you to add some wild, animalistic pleasure into your sex life. The dog dildos are part of the animal inspired sex toys collections. Designed with an authentic knot on its shaft that mimics the shape of a canine penis, this naughty toy will take you deeper than ever before as it penetrates both vaginally or anally - giving realistic sensations unlike any other toy out there! So why not unleash your inner beast today & explore sensational new thrills like never before?

    Do you have a wild side that is begging to be unleashed? If so, look no further than theย Dogย Dildos! From their emergence in the world of adult sex toys, this remarkable tool has become increasingly popular among couples and solo adventurers alike. When you slip one of these canine-inspired creations... Read More