Metal Chastity Devices

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    Handing over control of your explosive finales to your partner or domina is a massive thrill and with our collection of metal chastity devices and steel cock cages you'll find something to do exactly that. If you have been catching yourself dreaming of orgasm control and are serious about sexual abstinence, then any of these sleek chastity devices and sexy AF cock cages would be the ideal choice if you want to have your flaccid penis locked away in no time and for plenty of time.
    36 products
    Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage
    Tiger King Locking Chastity Cage
    Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage
    5 Ring Chastity Device
    5 Ring Chastity Device with Cock and Ball Strap
    Anal Intruder Cock Ring with Penis Plug
    Armor Chastity Cage with Removable Urethral Insert
    Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage
    Bastille Penile Confinement Cage
    Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes
    Captus Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage
    Deluxe Cleaver Urethral Spreader CBT Chastity Cage
    Detained Stainless Steel Chastity Cage
    Exile Deluxe Locking Stainless Steel Confinement Cage
    Incarcerator Adjustable Locking Chastity Cage
    Pink Stainless Steel Adjustable Female Chastity Belt
    Rikers 24-7 Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage
    Sale price $99.99 Regular price $125.99 Save $26
    Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage
    Stainless Steel Chastity Cage with Silicone Urethral Plug
    Sale price $109.99 Regular price $156.99 Save $47
    Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cuff
    Stainless Steel Cock Entrapment Belt
    Steel Female Adjustable Chastity Belt
    Strict Leather of Hell
    Strict Leather of Hell
    Strict Leather Cock Straight Jacket
    Sale price $48.99 Regular price $62.99 Save $14
    Strict Leather Gates of Hell Chastity Device
    Strict Leather Stallion Guard
    The Bird Cage Chastity Device - Large
    Sale price $124.99 Regular price $149.99 Save $25
    The CockCuff Chastity Device
    Sold Out
    The Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage with Accessories
    The Jail House Chastity Device
    The Pen Deluxe Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage
    The Twisted Penis Chastity Cock Ring
    Ultimate Male Lockdown System
    New Arrival
    Gates of Hell Leather Chastity Device
    New Arrival
    Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

    At The Dildo Hub, we also know that different experiences make life enjoyable and thrilling, which is exactly why we offer our metal chastity devices and steel cock cages in a multitude of sleek and sexy colors such as silver and gold. We also plan on stocking pink and black ones as well as chastity cock cages made from plastic and silicone. No matter what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got the perfect match for you. 

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