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It's so easy to create a toy for every love hole there is. Any object can be used in or on your partner's pleasure chambers, giving them endless options to fulfill their sexual desires.

We're here to change that. It's time to give men their right to attaining their manly needs. Our collection of chastity devices and cock cages has the right products for your smokin' hot banger. Or should we say your tiny frail limp soldier? A real bonafide male chastity device or a cock cage has a sole purpose, and that is to prevent any manhood from erecting.

In a dom-sub relationship, anything can happen. Even women are taking over and having their men beg on their knees. If you love the feeling of being owned and controlled, then you're eligible to master the art of wearing a chastity device or a cock cage.

Feast your eyes and flip through available state-of-the-art chastity devices and cock cages that'll keep and secure every cock on the lock. They all have different shapes and sizes to suit every need, fetish and whim. But they all bring the same results, it just depends on how your mistress, master or partner is willing to use it. With any chastity devices or cock cages, they're the boss.

The Dildo Hub exclusively sells only chastity devices and cock cages made from stainless steel, metal, silicone, and plastic. These cold, hard and harsh materials give a sense that your precious package is indeed behind bars. You might have been a naughty boy, so your mistress or master decided to do something about it. Or it's a fool-proof way to make sure that you're not penetrating anyone else's holes while they're not around. Either way, these are the toughest materials available, moreover, they are the safest available materials.

If your mistress or master still have a bit of compassion for you, they might go for chastity devices or cock cages made from either silicone, plastic, or leather materials. Silicone and plastic still keep your cock at bay—but unlike metal—these materials are more forgiving and easier on the skin. Choosing leather only means that your mistress or master wants you to be sexually motionless in the most seductive way possible.

Our stainless steel chastity devices and cock cages have all passed our strict quality assurance monitoring and are guaranteed body-safe. Just because we promote cock submission, that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it in the safest possible manner. Our stainless steel cages don't rust, and all of our chastity devices are easy to clean. For the time being, here at The Dildo Hub, we've taken the decision not to sell any silicone, plastic or leather-made chastity devices or cock cages to ensure a genuine chastity experience for all parties involved.

Your mistress, master or partner can choose the design depending on how they intends to use you. A full enclosure devoids your manhood's right to see the light of day, while a few windows of opportunities here and there just gives your mistress, master or partner the honorable privilege of teasing you whenever they feels like it.

There's absolutely no excuse to take the chastity device off once it's on. Each cock cage has ample space at the tip just enough for urine to pass through, so you have no choice but to go along with it and your day it's still on.

Different locking mechanisms are fashioned onto each device to keep your shaft at bay. Only your mistress, master or partner has access to the keys, so there's no use trying to break free.

Are you ready to give yourself to the our mistress, master or partner you worship? Only you can answer this with one of our Male Chastity Devices and Cock Cages.

Male Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

With the open and sexually liberating attitudes that are becoming more prevalent in much of the world, we’re constantly being exposed to new and exciting ways to spice things up in our sexual lives. One of the more extreme and unusual things you might have come across is a chastity device.

These can leave you with many questions though. What is chastity? Why do people do it? Is it something you might enjoy? Is there any pleasure in having my banger locked and under control? In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the culture of chastity and everything that goes along with it.

What is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is not a new concept, and there are many examples throughout history of men abstaining from sex, masturbation, orgasms, or all three! One of the most prominent examples people usually remember are the many varieties of Buddhist monks, who often vow to live their lives out in chastity. Rather than simply not having sex anymore though, these monks often move to a high-altitude monastery and seclude themselves from many more aspects of human interaction.

More recently, the #nofap movement convinced men all over the world to abstain from masturbation for various reasons. This movement started in 2010-2011 and ever since, it has been attempting to convince individuals from all walks of life to give up masturbation touting benefits such as increased concentration, productivity, focus, better balance in life as well as fruitful personal and interpersonal relationships.

In recent years, male chastity relationships have also become much more common. In these relationships, the individual hands over control of their own sexual pleasure to their mistress, master or partner. They decide when the person is allowed to orgasm, have sex, masturbate, or even clean their penis. Why someone chooses to get involved with male chastity may vary, but the core idea is still the same. Keeping your sexual arousal and pleasure at bay, far away from your never-ending lust.

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The History of Male Chastity

So where does this whole idea come from? What possibly possessed someone to give up sex and orgasms for an extended period of time, and actually enjoy it? Well the true origins of chastity can be traced back to Ancient times, with many religious texts referencing chastity belts. However, most believe that these references were meant more as a metaphor than an actual locking up of someone’s genitals.

The first proper references to a chastity belt came from the crusades, where men would need to go off to war for years at a time, leaving their wives behind. They obviously didn’t want their wives to sleep with other men, so they would lock up their genitals and take the key with them. Or so we might think... The notion of chastity belts appears frequently in literature throughout history, even including drawings, there were no actual depictions of anyone wearing them.

So when did they truly appear? Well many historians believe that the first real chastity belts were made around sometime in the 18th or 19th century, and that these were meant as a part of carnivals and theatres but not an object that'd justify any means. More modern chastity devices (including belts and cages) seem to start popping up in the early 1900s, so it’s likely that this was the first time that people truly began making and wearing them. Some of the old designs are quite strange though, and wouldn’t really have functioned that effectively.

Throughout the 20th century, designs have obviously improved, and the chastity devices we have today are properly designed to keep the wearer from having sex. So this age old idea was finally able to come to fruition.

How Do Men Take Part in Male Chastity?

For a man to start living a life of male chastity, there aren’t many prerequisites. Simply making the decision to do it is the main part! Once the decision has been reached though, the way each individual remains chaste may vary from one another. A chaste person could:

  • Spend their entire life in solitude, much like the monks in Buddhist monasteries
  • Give up pornography as means to to reduce the masturbation episodes and only have sex instead
  • Choose not to have sex until marriage
  • Ban oneself from touching their own penis.
  • Wear a chastity device or a chastity cock cage

There are probably many more but you get the idea. The most important thing is sticking to the pledge (whatever it was) that the man makes, and remaining chaste!

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Types of Male Chastity

If you’ve made it this far, and haven’t been completely put off, then there’s probably some part of you that wants to know more. Is all chastity the same? Do I have to give up orgasms for the rest of my life? Luckily there are a few different types of chastity, so your own experience can be tailored into something that you’ll enjoy. The most obvious (and perhaps most terrifying) kind of chastity is permanent chastity. This is where a person will pledge to spend their entire cock life locked under a chastity device.

While this sounds quite dramatic, it doesn’t mean that their penis will never see fresh air again. A big part of chastity relationships is still having sex and experiencing orgasm, but in a more controlled manner. The individual would be allowed to take off their cage when their mistress, master or partner decides, and will still be able to enjoy all of the perks of their unleashed penis.

Both the cage and the penis will also need to be regularly cleaned, so it will need to be removed usually every week or two to make sure hygiene standards are adhered to. Other than that though, they’ll be locked up!

The next kind of chastity is a little less extreme, and is something we like to call part-time chastity. Exactly how this is set up will be down to each individual or couple, but a common example is that the person will need to be locked up while the keyholder isn’t present. In a way, this is very similar to the fabled chastity belts of the crusades.

Finally, there is more recreational chastity. Some couples will simply want to explore cock cages and see what it’s like to spend some time locked up or explore the power exchange involved in this kind of relationship.

Overall, it’s nothing to be particularly scared of. The key point is that you get to decide with your partner on exactly what shape your chastity relationship will assume. You lay out the rules, punishments, and most importantly, the rewards!

How Popular is Male Chastity?

While male chastity definitely isn’t something you should be considering based on it’s popularity, it would be a lie to say it hasn’t become more popular in recent times. Not only are society much more open about sexuality, so many people are more willing to try things they might not have in the past. It’s also much easier to get both information and equipment thanks to the internet. You could decide to try out living in chastity and have a cage on your penis within a few days!

Do Men Enjoy Chastity?

Many people think that chastity is just something forced on a man by a partner, religious view, parents, or some other source. While this is unfortunately true in some cases, many men simply choose a chastity lifestyle because they enjoy it! Handing over sexual control to another person can be quite liberating and exciting. Not knowing when you’re going to be allowed the sexual release you crave can make it that much better when you finally get it.

For some, simply freeing themselves of the plentiful perks of having an active sex life will more than make up for what they are missing out on. Others still might simply choose to pursue a lifestyle that requires periods of chastity or even permanent chastity. Take astronauts for example. When on the space station, they will be many months away from other human beings, and be completely chaste for the duration! We guess peeking at the Earth 24/7 is totally worth it!

How Discreet is the Male Chastity Lifestyle?

Male chastity can be as discreet as the chaste individual would like it to be. If you don’t want anyone to know about it, then simply keeping it to yourself is perfectly fine. Even while wearing a cock cage or other chastity device, if you choose the right one, no one would have any idea what's going on in your pants unless you're into exhibitionism!

On the other hand, some people enjoy chasitty and they want to share it. Rather than just simply telling others about it though, there are plenty of options for these kinds of exhibitionists. Many people hold chastity parties, where each Mistress or Master gets to bring along their slaves and share them among the group – bring ‘em gimps! Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you how discreet your chastity culture is.

Is the Chastity Lifestyle Just for Men?

While the focus of the chastity device culture is primarily on men and all genders that are blessed with a penis, individuals that do not have a penis shouldn’t feel completely left out! Anyone can enjoy a life of chastity if they desire, and can also find Mistresses and Masters to keep them in check. Women obviously can’t make use of a chastity device like a cock cage, but there are other options such as chastity belts that cover both the vagina and anus and prevents intercourse and masturbation.  

Although chaste females in a relationship may be further enforcing historical stereotypes by submitting to a man, there is still a large element of trust and power transfer at play here. Sometimes a woman may even be in a chaste lesbian relationship! It really doesn’t matter who you are, or who you like. If you think you’ll enjoy chastity, then there’s nothing stopping you giving it a try.  

Despite what many newcomers believe, orgasms are still an integral part of the male chastity experience. The key thing is that the man’s orgasms are controlled. Rather than simply masturbating whenever a man feels like it, the keyholder gets to decide when and what kind of orgasm they’ll be having.

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Do Men Still Get to Orgasm During Male Chastity?

A common misconception about male chastity is that once a man is locked up, he’ll never be allowed to orgasm again. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Orgasms are an integral part of male chastity. While they aren’t as free and easy as they were before entering into a chastity relationship, you’ll still be experiencing regular, but controlled, orgasms. There are a variety of different types of orgasms that feature commonly in chastity relationships.

What is Orgasm Denial?

Orgasm denial is the bread and butter as well as the peanut butter and the jelly of male chastity. Rather than being able to masturbate whenever a man feels horny, his orgasms are strictly controlled by his mistress, master or partner. They get to decide when he gets the release he craves.

The denial aspect often comes in the form of simply being told that he isn’t allowed to have an orgasm. Sometimes this may even be timetabled, with a date set as 'orgasm day'. If the person was to misbehave, or not obey their dom's instructions, their orgasm may get pushed back to a later date.

The key thing with orgasm denial isn’t the delay, but the release. The point isn’t to make the individual suffer because they’ll never get to release their sexual tension. Instead you control his orgasms in a way that there is a huge build up of arousal and sexual energy. Then when that sweet release is around, it would feel so much better!

Can You Have an Orgasm While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

Although the intention of a cock cage is to prevent erections, thereby preventing orgasms, some men are still able to reach orgasm while wearing a cock cage. Certain kinds of stroking and touching are just enough to bring him to climax.

This means as a dom, it’s important to keep an eye on what the naughty sub is doing even when they’re caged, as they may have found a way to still bring themselves the pleasure they had been craving for days and weeks.

Equally as the cage wearer, you need to try extra hard to be able to keep yourself from tempation. After all, what’s the point in wearing a cage if you aren’t going to stick to the chastity lifestyle?

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

What is a Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is another style of orgasm men in chastity will become intimately familiar with. This is similar to orgasm denial, with one key difference. Rather than outright denying a man from orgasm, when you give him a ruined orgasm you actually pleasure him. Then right before the climax, you stop and ruin his orgasm. When you do this, he may still ejaculate, but rather than the powerful squirts and muscle spasms that come with a normal orgasm, things will be a little more… anticlimactic.

The pre-cum juices will simply drizzle out of the end of his penis, and he won’t feel the pulsing in his penis that he normally would. He still gets to orgasm, but it’s not really very satisfying. Ruined orgasms can be a great way to make your orgasm denial even more intense. By making him think he’s getting the climax he desires, then ruining it, you’ll make him even more excited for the day you’ve decided will be orgasm day!

Do Men Enjoy Ruined Orgasms?

Most men won’t exactly enjoy ruined orgasms, but when they finally get to have a proper oozing, it’ll feel so much sweeter and sexually gratifying!

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Do Mistresses Enjoy Ruined Orgasms?

Mistresses can absolutely love ruined orgasms, or have no interest in them at all. It’s all down to personal preference.

For some the sight of their man whimpering and longing for a true release can really reinforce the control they have over the relationship, and make them feel empowered in a way few other things can. Others might not like the idea, and feel that it’s too much like teasing or even a bit mean!

What is an Anal Orgasm?

Anal orgasms are exactly what they sound like. An orgasm centred around anal stimulation rather than penile stimulation. Being able to climax entirely through anal stimulation isn’t somethign everyone can do, but those who can tend to really enjoy it. Some even think anal orgasms are even more intense and pleasurable than any other kind of orgasm! We can't agree more!

Can You Have an Anal Orgasm While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

When it comes to chastity, anal orgasms should always be something you consider. While a cock cage prevents any traditional penile orgasms, being able to have a little butt fun and enjoy yourself just as much kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a cage.

If you are able to orgasm entirely through anal stimulation then you’ll have a lot of extra temptation to deal with. Or as a Mistress, it gives you yet another thing to keep an eye on to make sure your man is obeying your orders.

When the temptation is too strong, and he just replaced normal orgasms with anal orgasms, it might even be worth looking into a full chastity belt rather than just a cock cage. These also cover the anus, so there’s no way for a man to enjoy any stimulation while wearing one!

Prostate Orgasms

Prostate orgasms are somewhat related to anal orgasms, as they are most often achieved through anal penetration of men. The prostate is a gland found between a man’s penis and bladder, and is often referred to as the 'P-spot', or a 'man’s G-spot'. The gland is responsible for controlling fluids which exit the body through the penis, but also is one of the things you feel clenching and spasming during orgasm.

While it’s not terribly exciting when we think about it’s normal functions, the prostate can become an amazing sexual gland when stimulated correctly. Some men are able to orgasm entirely through prostate stimulation, without even touching their penis or even getting erect!

The most common way to stimulate the prostate is by inserting something into the anal chamber, although you can also stimulate the perinuem (the skin between the penis and anus) which can also gently massage the prostate gland. Of course when wearing a cock cage, both of these areas are still available, so a man in theory can still reach his prostate while caged.

For many men this won’t really be an issue, as reaching orgasm entirely through prostate stimulation isn’t easy, and many can’t actually do it. Those who can though, often claim that this is one of the strongest kinds of orgasms they can have. Once they figure out the right way to stimulate it, they’ll be free to do it as they please.

Again if this temptation becomes too much for a chaste man, it might be worth looking into full chastity belts to prevent stimulation of any of these areas. Interestingly, prostate stimulation or prostate milking can also prove to be a useful part of male chastity. Many men find the sensation incredibly intense and overwhelming, so Mistresses can use it as a kind of punishment, or simply to leave their man trembling as a result of their delicate fingers and hands.

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What is a Sissygasm?

Some people will often class sissygasms and anal orgasms as the same thing. There is one key difference though. While an anal orgasm can be achieved a number of different ways, a sissygasm is achieved entirely through anal penetration with a strapon or dildo.

Most of the time the term will also refer to a man being penetrated by a woman. It’s about her making the man into a sissy. The idea of being a sissy is a specific group of people who like to change their behaviour in a certain way while living out their male chastity. They’ll typically act much less masculine, and be extremely submissive to their masters.

A sissygasm is physically no different from an anal orgasm, as the exact same muscles and nerves are being stimulated. However the mindset of the man is different. Instead of simply enjoying anal penetration, he’s completely submitting to his master, and letting them do whatever they want with him.

Can You Have a Sissygasm While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

Since sissygasm are done entirely through anal stimulation, it’s completely possible to have one whilst wearing your cock cage.

In fact, some sissies consider it a requirement to have their cock cages on when they have a sissygasm. Remaining caged means that their master is still fully in control of their penis, so the only orgasms they’ll be having are by being penetrated anally!

Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage - Preparation Before Putting on Your Manhood Under Lock

When you’re getting ready to put on a cock cage, there are some easy steps you can take to make the process a little easier. The most important thing to do before putting on a cage is to give everything a good clean. The cage might not be coming off for quite a while, so you’re going to want to make sure your penis is ready to go.

Another note is that in the process of putting a cage on, it’s very common for the man to get an erection. Once the penis is hard, it’s going to be more difficult to get the cage on, if you can manage it at all.

An easy way to deal with this is keeping a few cubes of ice handy. The cold will quickly get help the penis calm down and once it’s flaccid again you can continue putting on the cage.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |


Using almost any kind of sexual device is a bit easier with some lubrication, and cock cages are no different. While the main enclosure of the cage will quite easily fit over the flaccid penis as it should be slightly larger, the rings can be a bit more difficult.

Having a bottle of lube handy is always good while you’re putting a cage on. If you have difficulty getting the ring over the balls, simply add a little lube and try again. This time it should just gently slide over.

How to Put on a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage

There are two main parts to putting on a cock cage. The first is putting on the ring. To do this you should first put each testicle through one at a time. Then bend the penis downwards and slide it in as well. Once you’ve done this, you can place the enclosure of the cage over the penis and attach it to the ring.

Some cages don’t come in two completely separate parts, but instead have a hinge between the ring and the enclosure. If this is the case, you should insert the testicles the same way, then bend the penis upwards so the enclosure can hinge over it and into place (or downwards, it depends where the hinge is).

Can a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Fit Under Your Clothes?

For someone who is going to be wearing their cock cage permanently, or even just when out and about, having something that sits under your clothing without drawing too much attention is more ideal. Some cage are so bulky and have extra parts, that they will show up through almost any clothing.

In general you will have an easier time concealing a simpler cage, and where possible a smaller size. It also helps to wear baggier and looser clothing so there is more space for the cage.

Can You Wear a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage in Public?

Wearing a cock cage in public is something many men will try if they become interested in chastity. In some cases it’s due to being permanently locked up. Other times their Mistress may require them to wear the cage when she isn’t there.

Whatever the case, there is nothing wrong with wearing a cage in public! Generally speaking, you will want to be a bit more discreet, as some cages will draw a lot of attention to your pelvic area. Smaller, simpler cages tend to be the easiest to conceal, and ones that are easy to put on and remove are recommended. If there is an emergency in a public setting, you’ll prefer to be able to remove the cage quickly.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

What to Expect While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage

The first thing you’re going to notice after putting on a cock cage is that it’s there. This may sound silly, but it’s going to be very obvious for a while before you get used to having it there.

In particular, you’re going to notice the extra weight and bulk on your penis. You might find that it pulls the penis downwards quite a lot, which can be very irritating. The best way to deal with this is to wear tighter underwear, so the cage and penis are kept close to the body, and some of the weight is supported by the fabric.

Another potential issue is chafing and skin irritation. The ring of the cage will naturally move around while you wear it, rubbing against the skin, and some people may experience rashes or rough areas of skin. This can be avoided by applying some lube around the ring at regular intervals, giving it the ability to move more freely without friction against your skin.

If you do find that your ring is causing irritation, it’s a good idea to use some moisturising cream to help treat the area.

Once you get past the initial hurdles though, men can have all kinds of different experiences. Some might find it arousing to constantly have the cage there, reminding them of what they can’t have. Others may get very frustrated, as the cage will be constantly touching your penis which causes arousal. Naturally you can’t satisfy this arousal, so it can be difficult to stop yourself becoming frustrated.

Can You Have Sex While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

As cock cages are penis shaped, it’s not unusual to think of them as a kind of penis enlarger. While you’re wearing them, your overall package will be slightly larger. Naturally then, some people may wonder whether you can have sex while wearing them. We don’t advise trying this for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the cage will prevent the man getting an erection, and being turned on during sex is natural. A cycle can form where the man is turned on, gets an erection, the cage prevents it, and repeats.

This can be quite painful, not to mention extremely frustrating for the man wearing the cage. Additionally, during sex there is a lot of friction. The additional weight of the cage can pull and stretch the penis in painful ways, as the penis cannot break free. On top of this, there is a great risk of skin catching and becoming painful and irritated. Overall, it’s best to take the cage off if you’re planning on having sex.

Cock cages don’t need to be completely excluded from the love-making process though. Many couples like to leave the man caged until he has thoroughly seen to his partner. Then, and only then, will he be allowed to remove the cage and enjoy the pleasure he desires.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

Long-Term Chastity Device & Cock Cage Wear

If you’re going to be wearing your cock cage for an extended period of time, there are a few extra things to think about. One common thing that might happen is chafing. As you move around, parts of the cage will rub against your skin, which can lead to some irritation.

It’s important to regularly inspect both the cage and the penis to make sure there are no problems, and if you do find irritated skin, be sure to moisturise it so it can heal up. You could also regularly put lube on the areas where the cage rubs.

You should also pay close attention to the weight of your cage. Wearing it while out and about will mean that a lot of weight will be put in specific places the cage touches your skin. If your cage is too heavy, it could cause the skin to stretch, or cause some pain in those areas.

It’s usually better to use something lightweight as your outdoor/long-term cage, and save the heavier cages for home use. Finally, you should always make sure to take the cage off and thoroughly clean both it and your penis at least every 2 weeks to ensure intimate hygiene standards are adhered to.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

How to Take off a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage

Taking off a cock cage is relatively simple. Just do the same as putting it on, but in reverse! A man’s penis may be a little delicate if he’s been wearing a cage for a long time though, so be gentle, and pay close attention to areas where the cage has been in contact with his skin.

Cleaning Chastity Devices & Cock Cages

Almost all cages are able to be cleaned with warm soapy water. Be sure to use a cloth and get into all the small crevasses, as these are the places bacteria are most likely to build up.

Some cages are able to be boiled, particularly stainless steel and metal ones and some silicone ones too. This is great as you can submerge the cage in boiling water, and be completely sure that all bacteria has been killed. Some people like to use the dishwasher to clean their cock cages and other sex toys. Be sure to remove all smaller parts if you do this, because they may get lost.

However you end up cleaning your cock cages it’s important to make sure they are fully dry before putting them away. If they are damp, mould can build up during storage, and you’ll have to clean them all over again!

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

Storing Cock Cages & Types of Cock Cages

All cock cages should be stored in a cool dry place. Ideally, each should be in it’s own container or plastic bag, as this reduces the risk of cross contamination. You should also try to put them somewhere they are unlikely to be damaged, such as in a plastic box.

When looking for a cock cage, you’ll find yourself presented with an incredible variety to choose from. Deciding which you want to try can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily though, most cock cages can be placed into a few different categories. Deciding which type of cock cage you’re interested in can help you massively narrow down the choices, and make decisions a little bit easier.

Fully Closed Chastity Devices & Cock Cages

A fully closed cock cage will completely encase the penis. The man will not be able to touch any part of it.

While some chastity devices and cock cages are almost completely closed, they still have a hole for the man to urinate out of. A fully closed cock cage omits this feature, and must be removed every time the man needs to urinate.

Fully closed cages are usually made out of metal, and simply look like a small cylinder the penis is contained within.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

Partially Closed Chastity Devices & Cock Cages

Partially closed cock cages will still cover a large portion of the penis, but not completely encase it like fully closed cages. The most common variety of these is to have some of the shaft exposed, while the head of the penis is completely encased.

These cages will often have urination holes, although some may not. If you don’t want to take off your cock cage to use the bathroom, and want one of this design, then you should make sure to check it’s features before buying.

While fully closed chastity devices and cock cages look largely similar to each other, the partially closed versions can be much more elaborate. Some feature intricate designs and patterns which wrap around the penis.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

Open Ended Chastity Devices & Cock Cages

Open ended cock cages are another variety of partially closed cock cage. These are different though, as they leave the head of the penis exposed, while wrapping around the shaft instead.

Electroshock Chastity Devices & Cock Cages

An electroshock cock cage is one that isn’t for the faint of heart. These can be found in any one of the other varieties, with one key difference. The cage is fitted with wiring and electrodes which can be activated to give the penis a small electric shock.

Some of these will be individually controllable, with people being able to choose which parts of the penis gets shocked and when. Some will come with different programs that can be activated and deactivated as the Mistress sees fit. Others might feature different intensities, with the shocks being able to be turned up or down as desired.

If you want to try this kind of cock cage, you should take great caution. It’s very possible for the shocks to aggravate existing medical conditions, such as those with weaker or irregular heartbeats.

We always recommend that anyone suffering these conditions stay clear of this type of cage, test the shocks on another area of your body first, and if there are every any doubts, check with your doctor.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages with Attachments

Not all chastity devices and cock cages are just cock cages and chastity devices. Some are much, much more. These can come with additional sections, which do things in different parts of the body, or simply make the penis caging much more intense.

The most common varieties of cock cage with attachments are those that come with an attached butt plug. This means the man won’t be able to get an erection, and wont be able to sitmulate his anus while wearing the cage.

Other additonal attachements can include penis plugs which sit in the urethra while you wear the cock cage, cages with screws or spikes to change how it feels wearing the cage, or even cages with testicle torture style attachments.

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages |

Chastity Devices & Cock Cage Materials

Chastity devices and cock cages come in a variety of materials so you’ll always have a lot of options. The most important consideration when choosing which material you want your cock cage to be made of a body-safe material.

Stainless steel, metal, silicone, resin and hard plastic are the most common materials you’ll find cock cages made out of. Each has their own benefits but most of the time you can basically choose whichever you (or your Mistress) likes the best.

Plastic and resin are usually the most lightweight, and rarely recommended as both are porous materials where bacteria could build up. This means bacteria and germs are able to find their way into the surface of the materials, making them impossible to truly clean.

Silicone is usually slightly heavier, but comes with the benefit of being much softer. This can make them a real joy to wear, and in some cases you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! It’s also much better at retaining heat that the other materials, so it will help keep your penis warm. Silicone can be cut with scissors, so emergencies shouldn’t be much of a problem with this material.

Stainless steel and metal is probably the most common material used in cock cages. It’s much heavier than the others, so you’ll usually always be able to feel the weight of it pulling on your penis. Some men like this though!

A metal cage can also present a few problems. For example, the lock can often bang against the cage while you move around, producing a clinking sound. This can be avoided by choosing a cage with an internal locking mechanism.

They also will set off metal detectors, so will need to be removed any time you go through a security check. In any emergency situations, getting a metal cage off will be much more difficult and usually require wire cutters.

You can also find cages made of a few other materials, such as leather, jelly, or TPE/TPR. All of these materials are not as well recommended, as they are porous. This means bacteria and germs are able to find their way into the surface of the materials, making them impossible to truly clean.

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Homemade Cock Cages

Some people like to try and find homemade alternatives to buying real sex toys. We would never recommend this to anyone.

When you try and make your own sex toys, the risks of causing damage to your body are increased exponentially. This is particularly true of cock cages, as the ring which surrounds the penis and scrotum has the potential to restrict your blood flow and cause irreparable damage to your penis.

As you’ll be wearing the homemade cage for a long time, this can be extremely dangerous. It’s always safer to buy a professionally made cage which is designed specifically for use on a man’s penis.

Finding the Perfect Cock Cage & Measuring For a Cock Cage

Measuring for a cock cage is the single most important part of choosing the right one. Taking accurate measurements will mean that you end up with something that fits well, and isn’t going to damage your penis by being too tight, or fall off from being too loose.

There are two important measurements you need to take for each cock cage.

Parts of a Cock Cage

Each cock cage has two important parts, which is what each measurement is for. These are the ring, and the cage, tube or enclosure. The ring is the section which goes at the base of your penis and around the scrotum.

The cage itself is the main body which covers the penis. The cage and the ring can be connected in a hinge fashion, or be two separate pieces which you attach together once you’ve put them on. Cages with two separate parts are usually the easiest to put on.

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Ring Measurements

When measuring for the ring, you need to be sure that both of your testicles, and the base of your penis will be able to sit inside without being too tight or too loose. When you get this right, the fit should be fairly snug, but not so tight that it cuts off blood flow to the penis.

Most chastity devices and cock cage rings are measured in diameter, which is the distance from one side of the ring to the other. Measuring the diameter of your penis is very difficult to do accurately though, so we can make things easier with a little calculation.

You’re going to want to measure the circumference around your penis and scrotum, right at the base where they touch the rest of your skin. This is where the ring will sit, so it’s important to get an accurate measurement. The best time to take this measurement is just after having a shower, as the penis will be completely flaccid, but the blood flow will be strong.

Using a cloth tape measure is the most accurate, but if you don’t have one of those handy, you can use a piece of string instead and then lay it out next to a ruler to find your measurement.

Once you figure out the circumference of your penis and scrotum, grab a calculator. You need to divide this measurement by 3.14 (pi to three digits) to find the diameter. For example, if your penis and scrotum have a circumference of 5.2 inches, then the diameter will be 5.2 divided by 3.14 which is 1.65 inches.

Everyone’s diameter is slightly different, so you’ll be unlikely to find a cock cage with a ring that exactly matches your measurement. You should always aim slightly larger, and get the next ring size up from your final figure.

If you’re ever worried about your ring measurement being inaccurate, then look for a cock cage which comes with a set of rings in different sizes. That way you can try the different sizes, find out which one is the best fit for you, and then keep a note of it for any further purchases.

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Chastity Device & Cock Cage Measurements

The cage part (or enclosure) of the device will also need to be carefully measured for. We need to ensure that the cage fits just right. Too tight, and any time you get a slight erection you’ll be in excruciating pain. Too loose, and your penis can simply flop around inside doing whatever it wants.

To get an appropriately sized cage, you’ll need to measure both for the diameter and length. Luckily, you’ve already got the diameter measurement from the previous step. Unless your penis is a particularly unusual shape, this measurement will be the same.

In order to measure the length of your penis, you need to stand in a tall upright position. Hold your penis out in front of you at a 90 degree angle. Place the tape measure against your pubic bone, and measure from the base to the tip of the penis. Doing this while maintaining the ideal posture can be quite difficult so you might want to get a friend to help.

Once you’ve measured for the length, you’ll be equipped to start looking for your cock cage!

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Choosing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage

Once your measurements are out of the way, it’s time to actually pick your cock cage. There are so many different ones out there. This part can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily there are a few simple things to consider when deciding.

The Best Chastity Device or Cock Cage Material?

Material will be one of the most obvious choices to make. A lot of the time, your choices will be between stainless steel, metal, hard plastic, silicone, resin or leather. Each of these materials have different characteristics that will change how the chastity device or the cock cage looks, and how it feels to wear one.

Stainless steel or metal is a favorite with many chaste men due to it’s cold, hard nature. It’s much more restricting than the other materials, and fits much more into the theme of being caged up.

Hard plastic cages are similar to metal ones in that they are very sturdy and good at keeping your penis in one place. They aren’t quite as hard wearing as metal cages though and will usually need to be replaced a bit more often.

Silicone and resin cages are a bit softer. These can both be more comfortable than the other kinds as they feel nicer on the skin, which is great for people with delicate skin. They can also be much more comfortable to wear which is a consideration if you will be doing long term chastity.

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The Best Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Design?

Once you’ve chosen your material, you’ll still have a massive range of chastity devices and cock cages to choose from. The design will likely be your next step. Each of these can be really different from one another, with some wrapping around your penis in intricate fashion, and others completely covering it.

Which design you choose is most often just down to personal preference, although some do feel different so once you’ve tried one out you might not want to go back to a standard cage.

The Best Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Color?

Highly subjective. Color is one of the final considerations you’ll need to make. Not every cage comes in a variety of colors but many do. Which you go for is entirely up to you, or if your Mistress is particularly controlling she might want to decide for you. The vast majority of our Chastity Devices & Cock Cages are in signature silver. Mid-May, we'll be introducing a gold collection as well.

Additional Attachments

Not all chastity devices and cock cages are created equally, and some come with extra features that others will lack. Among these can be butt plugs, penis plugs, spikes, screws, electro-stimulation and a whole host of other things. If you’re looking to turn your chastity up a notch, then picking up a cage with some additional stimulation may be exactly what you need. But where will you wear it?

An often overlooked aspect of choosing your cock cage is where (and when) you plan on using it. A cage that is difficult to put on, and leaves a giant bulge in your trousers isn’t going to be ideal for someone who only puts it on when they are out of the house without their Mistress.

Think carefully about how you plan to use your cage, and which features and designs will work well with those goals and you’re bound to have a much better time!

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Chastity Devices and Cock Cages Safety

Not only can the idea of having your penis locked in a cage be intimidating, sometimes it can be downright scary! Surely it can’t be good for you? To top this off, there’s been plenty of interest in men not having orgasms for extended periods of time or abstaining from having an orgasm at all, and all the things that could happen because of this.

To help get you on track, and reassure you that you’re not making a horrible mistake, we’ve prepared this guide with many of the questions that you might still have!

Are Chastity Devices & Cock Cages Safe?

As long as you take care when putting a cock cage on, and regularly clean both it and your penis, a cock cage is quite safe to wear. An important part of cock cage safety is having a cage that is the right size. If it’s too small and you force your penis into it, it can be quite painful.

How Long Can You Wear a Chastity Device or a Cock Cages Safely?

There’s no time limit for how long you can wear a cock cage, with many men around the world enjoying being locked up permanently.

If you are planning on wearing a cock cage for a longer period of time, you need to remember to take it off every couple of weeks to thoroughly clean both the cage and your penis.

Do Chastity Devices or Cock Cages Hurt?

If you’ve correctly measured your penis, and picked an appropriately sized cock cage, then wearing it shouldn’t be painful at all. There are a few things that may cause you minor discomfort or pain, but they can be easily dealt with.

Stainless steel and metal cages are not ideal for some people, as they can be quite heavy. Having that extra weight tugging on the skin around your penis can cause chafing or catching of the skin which may be slightly painful. If you start having this problem, it might be a good idea to switch to a more lightwieght cage made of hard plastic or silicone.

Another minor pain point can be if you start to get an erection while wearing your cage. As the penis swells, it will fill the inside of the cage. When there is no more space the penis presses against the edge of the cage, but can’t get any more erect. This can be a little painful for a few moments, but will usually pass as the erection goes down.

Does Wearing Chastity Devices or Cock Cages Cause Penis Shrinkage?

Penis shrinkage is an established medical outcome! You might have thought of it simply as a scary tale people tell one another. But your penis getting smaller is something that can happen. The question is, does a cock cage cause it? You’ll find a lot of conflicting opinions about this online. Some men say they’ve been locked up for years and noticed nothing, while others say that after a month their penis got smaller.

Unfortunately, most men tend to be quite sensitive when it comes to the size of their penis. The truth of the matter though, is that men’s penises will change size often throughout their lives. It can be caused by all sorts of things, but none of them are directly related to the use of a chastity device or a cock cage.

There actually doesn’t appear to be much evidence at all of any damage caused by chastity devices or cock cages. While it doesn’t look likely that wearing a cage will cause any long term penile shrinkage, we should still state the obvious. Please make sure your chastity device or a cock cage isn’t too tight!

The penis still needs regular blood flow even when flaccid, and if you cut this off for too long the skin may begin to die. If you notice any discolouration in your penis at all, take your cage off as soon as you can and consult a doctor.

We also found a general consensus that you should avoid wearing your cage 24/7. Most sources agreed that it’s better to take the cage off overnight and allow the penis to get erect and stretch while you sleep. Some believe that these erections actually help to keep the penis healthy!

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Can Chastity Devices and Cock Cages Cause Softer Erections?

Another concern many men have when new to cock cages is their erections will no longer be as hard as they used to be. So when they finally get released from the cage, they won’t actually be able to perform. This issue is a little more grounded in fact, but it’s still nothing major to worry about!

For the majority of men, there might be a little struggle getting hard in the first place. The cage will essentially train them not to have erections at all, as having them in the cage is painful. With a little stimulation though, he should quickly be able to get just as hard as ever!

Many men will find that after having a cage on for a longer period of time (usually months), that they do in fact have softer, or shorter, erections. The first one after a period of extended chastity may be very weak, but as time goes on they will get stronger and stronger. Before you know it you’ll be able to get just as hard as you could before even starting chastity!

If this is particularly concerning to you, and you’d rather avoid it, the best advice is still to simply take the cage off overnight. This gives your penis plenty of time to get erect, stretch out, and maintain its usual strength.

Can Wearing Chastity Devices or Cock Cages Cause Impotence?

If someone were wearing a cock cage tight enough to cut off blood circulation to the penis, then it’s possible that some damage can be caused to the penis. In this case, there is a chance that it may render you impotent.

However, if you measure your penis correctly, and purchase a cock cage that fits properly, your penis will never be in any danger! We couldn’t find any reported cases of cock cages causing impotence.

As with many things on the internet, much of the advice regarding the safety of cock cages doesn’t appear to be completely based on facts. We did extensive research on this piece, and the best things we could find were mostly based on opinion, and may be false.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your chastity device, we’d always encourage you to consult your doctor. They will be able to give you a much more thorough picture of what is happening inside your body, and give you the best advice about how your should continue wearing your cage!

Why Do Men Take Part in Chastity Lifestyle and Chastity Culture?

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Men all over the world enjoy male chastity for a whole host of different reasons. Some of them can be quite simple, like curiosity, while others can be driven by very complex and unique factors.

Too often though, we come across couples who are trying this kind of relationship, and it isn’t really working. Often this is because the man doesn’t really want to do it, and it’s something his partner is much more interested in.

Ultimately, the most important answer should be that a man is taking part in chastity because he wants to.

Benefits of Male Chastity. Are There Any At All?

While chastity can often seem like something cruel and not particularly enjoyable, there are a whole host of benefits that can come from taking part.

Some of these are quite physical, changing the way you experience sex, while others are much more psychological, and can have an impact on your relationship for the better. Rather than making sweeping statements though, let’s dive in and take a deeper look at the benefits of male chastity.

Chastity isn’t all submission and orgasm denial. There can be some real benefits for men who enjoy it, although some won’t apply for everyone. It might surprise you, but male chastity can help with premature ejaculation. When given stimulation by your mistress, master or partner, but being told you aren’t allowed to orgasm, you have to practise large amounts of control to make sure you don’t finish. If you do it can lead to some less than enjoyable punishments.

By regularly practicing this kind of control (at the behest of your Mistress), you can strengthen the muscles involved in orgasm, and learn to decide when you are going to orgasm. This can take you from someone who orgasms at the slightest touch, to someone who can keep going all night, only orgasming when they are done.

Another benefit to male chastity are much more intense orgasms. Having to go long periods without an orgasm, or experiencing orgasm denial, can allow a lot of sexual tension to build up inside you. When you finally get to release this, the resulting orgasm can be quite explosive.

Additionally, some of the control and power dynamics in a relationship involving chastity can greatly strengthen a relationship. By giving over control of your penis to your partner, you are displaying large amounts of trust in them. There also needs to be large amounts of communication between the two of you, to make sure nobody is going too far.

These elements are both important in relationships, and by putting yourself in a more extreme situation, you test these things to the max. If everything goes well, even if you decide to end your chastity lifestyle, the relationship should be that much stronger for you.

Some men aren’t in a relationship though, but there can still be some benefits to those men too. For example, many men choose to give one of their keys to a key holder or key holding service. By doing so, they are completely out of control of their chastity, which can take a lot of pressure off. Having this release can be great for your mental health, as you are able to truly sit back and enjoy the experience.

A surprising benefit to using a chastity device or a cock cage can be to equalise the sex drive within a relationship. Often a man might find that his sex drive is much higher than his partner’s which can create a lot of friction in the relationship. By wearing a cage, it’s not uncommon to see the man’s sex drive go down a lot, which can make sex much more appealing to his partner.

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Why Use a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

While chastity can be accomplished perfectly fine without any chastity devices, most people who enjoy the practice like to use these to take things to the next level.

By wearing a chastity device, the temptation is completely removed from the chaste person, making it much easier to stick to your pledge. The devices also serve as a permanent reminder of your pledge, which can help to reaffirm things for you when you begin to slip.

Although many men will wear a cage to make their chastity pledge stronger, this isn’t always the case! Some men are perfectly capable of controlling their urges and sex drive with no additional help. Why would these men need a chastity device? Well, some of them just enjoy it!

Whether it’s the feel of the metal on their skin, the weight of the cage pulling on their penis, or just the simple thought that it’s there, bulging under their clothes. The reasons are truly limitless! But if you’re already engaged in a chastity relationship, and you like wearing a chastity device too, then why not? photo courtesy

Are Chastity Devices and Cock Cages Effective?

Cock cages are very effective at accomplishing a number of things in a chastity relationship. They completely hand over control to the key holder, which serves to both 'free' the chaste person, and make the key holder feel much more empowered in their role within the relationship. This extra strength for each side of the relationship can serve to greatly strengthen the relationship, and make it much more likely to succeed.

Cock cages are also very effective at preventing erections in the first place. When the penis begins to swell up, the cage restricts it. This means before it reaches a full erection you will fill up your cage and then the erection will go away again. Stopping yourself from getting an erection in the first place can really help your chastity. Not having the temptation of an erect penis greatly reduces the temptation to masturbate or orgasm which helps you stay chaste longer.

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Does BDSM Fit a Male Chastity Lifestyle?

We won’t beat around the bush — BDSM and male chastity fit together perfectly well! Although one would not necessarily make the connection between chastity and sado-masochism, the truth is that cock cages suit various sorts of kinks, fetishes and whims.

Funny enough, male chastity devices started as a form of torture in the Middle Ages, but they smoothly transitioned into sex toys and remained popular ever since. They kept their initial purpose, which was to prevent the wearer access to their genitalia. However, the reasons became much different.

The sole purpose of a penis cage is to increase a man’s desire through abstinence. Also, it adds to the realism of the master-slave relationship by allowing the dominant partner to control when and how the slave will release all that built-up tension.

With so many different ways to play the game, male chastity offers a new perspective on sex, trust, and self-image. It’s kinky, it’s exciting, and it’s over the top, so let’s dive right in!

What Is a Male Chastity Belt?

First, it does not have to be a belt at all. Male chastity BDSM devices come in different shapes and sizes. Though you can still get the one with a belt, there are a lot of options to for all of the wild adventurers out there.

Nevertheless, their purpose and build are always the same. Most chastity devices and cock cages consist of a ring that circles the bottom of the penis shaft and testicles and a tube or a cage that traps the penis. The two parts are connected, and the device has a lock and key to prevent the wearer from taking it off.

Also, the cage makes it impossible for the wearer to touch their genitalia. At the tip of the cage, there is usually a hole which will allow urinating. However, some more extreme variants have a catheter instead.

These toys come in different shapes and sizes, so you can opt either for a classic cage or armor that covers the entire crotch. Most are manufactured using only body-safe and body-friendly materials like stainless steel or silicone to prevent injuries and infections.

Such materials also ensure that you can wear the chastity device or the cock cage for long periods of time. Yes, a chastity device can be a short-term adventure, but it can also be a whole lifestyle that can last for hours, days, months, or even years.

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The Connection Between Male Chastity and Bondage

The idea of restricting particular body parts to gain control over the slave is obvious in both bondage and male chastity. To a certain extent, cock cages appear to be even crueler than, for example, rope suspension. The slave feels less physically restrained while still having no access to their sexual organ.

Of course, both types of roleplay are about power. However, contrary to popular opinion, BDSM chastity devices are not about mistrust. They’re quite the opposite. It is about letting someone else control your body and finding pleasure and gratification in that process. That is even more obvious in the case of long-term chastity.

On another level, it has a lot to do with self-control. Since the restrictive nature of the cage makes the erections painful, the wearer must practice self-discipline if he does not want to experience extreme discomfort every time they gets hard. So waiting for days to get the chance to indulge in sex or masturbation makes his orgasms intense.

Bondage can add extra flavor to the male chastity play by making the unlock periods more interesting. Once the cock is out of the cage, you can tie up the wearer and continue to control how and when he comes.

It makes the mistress, master or partner even more powerful and allows the slave to surrender fully. If this sounds exciting, maybe you can get some handcuffs to enhance the kink! Also, ropes and chains can fit into the roleplay as well.

Many BDSM fans say that they have issues with knots. Our advice is to go with the single column tie because it is perfect for arms and legs. Also, it looks fantastic! Once you’ve mastered that one, you can try the double column tie. Just make sure you learn how to do a quick-release version if something goes wrong.

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How to Create a Perfect Sissy Male

One of the most alluring things about roleplay is that it allows us to switch roles that society imposes on us. Cock cages are a perfect way for men in chastity to let themselves be submissive. On the other hand, women can try the role of the dominant partner (chastity keyholder) and express themselves in non-traditional ways.

The principle is simple. When you deny the man access to his penis, he will become more feminine. As he gives up control over his precious manhood, he starts to become obedient in order to release the sexual tension that builds up inside.

Asking for permission makes him a slave. Though it sounds banal, men are so tied to the idea of dominance that swapping roles can open a whole new world for them. And that world is full of pleasure.

To gain further control of the chastity submissive, the keyholder can introduce other games, such as humiliation and pegging. These may be an icing on the cake in this type of sexual practice because they enhance the role of the master/mistress.

Moreover, in some heavy roleplay, many keyholders opt for crossdressing. It completely deprives the slave of his masculinity and emphasizes his weaknesses by making him look ridiculous. Crossdressing is especially effective if the keyholder desires to accentuate the wearer’s femininity.

Overall, the essence of this kink comes from the fact that, while indulging in it, they are allowed to be vulnerable and needy — the two traits we don’t usually associate with masculinity. However, we are all vulnerable and needy sometimes, and acknowledging that may bring us great physical and emotional satisfaction.

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How to Punish a Bad Chastity Slave

One of the biggest turn-ons in the male chastity game is the idea of punishment. Suffering the consequences of his filthy behavior is crucial for any slave. Even if he just has dirty thoughts, he needs to be properly penalized for them. For example, post-orgasm torture, caning, whipping, etc.

Having the previously mentioned in mind, we have another cross-over between the core principles of BDSM and chastity play. If the slave had been naughty and tried to play with his cock or get it out of the cage, they can get the punishment they deserve during the unlock period.

Gagging, restraining, or whipping a slave can teach him a valuable lesson on how to behave during his next chastity trial. Postponing the pleasure is also highly recommended, as most slaves will try to deviate in one way or another.

Needless to say that it’s crucial to keep the power in the hands of the keyholder (aka the master.) That means the dominant partner has to punish their slave for disobedience. What type of chastity punishment they will choose is up to them, but it has to be strict! Under no circumstances must they let the slave come before he proves that he has learned his lesson.

Following this rule keeps the game going and makes it more realistic. It also perfectly mixes the allure of the cock cage with the excitement of BDSM.

Long-Terms Effects of Pairing Chastity With BDSM

Many people still wonder what male chastity play is all about. The same goes for BDSM. However, not everybody is cut out for this kink. But if you are among the ones that are into a bit of roleplay, you are surely well aware of all the pleasure these types of scenes can give!

Moreover, it seems that the benefits are not strictly of sexual nature. Many couples who tried cock cages and bondage say that their relationships became much more intimate and close. Sharing your hidden desires with someone and allowing them to control you makes your bond precious.

Nevertheless, it is important to stay safe while playing the game. As we said, most of these toys are not dangerous in any way, but if the wearer experiences any kind of injury, the keyholder must remove the device. Chastity Devices and cock cages are not supposed to cause any long-term disability.

One of the essential parts of the game is the safe word. Once spoken, it allows the slave to stop the game. It does not matter how cruel the master is, the safe word is sacred, and each participant must respect it.

When it comes to men, practicing male chastity releases the pressure of being macho all the time. Also, the wearers will become more considerate lovers, as they will listen to their partner and learn how to give them pleasure. In other words, slaves tend to become more respectful, even when the game is over.

Moreover, most cock-cage wearers allow themselves to be more affectionate and tolerant. By giving up his traditional role, a man becomes a better, more caring partner. And he is not afraid to give in.

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In the end, we may say that what we tend to call sexual perversion can make us more normal in our everyday lives. We let go, we explore, we embrace and we enjoy it. Hence, we are less tense, bitter or frustrated. Although chastity devices and cock cages look harsh and painful, they can soften men up, thus making them more caring and sensitive partners! So why not give chastity devices a shot? They might just improve the overall health of your relationship!

Chastity Devices & Cock Cages: Frequently Asked Questions

A chastity device is one of the most unique and sensual sex toys of all time. In fact, it might even be more accurately called a combination between a 'sex toy' and a 'sex tool'. Its eroticism comes from its ability to deny pleasure and satisfaction, rather than providing it. A person wearing a chastity device will be unable to become aroused or experience orgasm.

They will submit the very essence of their sexuality to the control of another person - specifically, the person who holds the key which can unlock their chastity device. Beautiful, arousing, torturous, sexy and frustrating all in one, a chastity device is truly a tool for sexual control, self-restraint and submission like no other!

Who Are Chastity Devices & Cock Cages For?

Well, in general, chastity devices are meant for naughty men, women and sissies who cannot control themselves and need to be taught a lesson. Here at The Dildo Hub, we specialize in male chastity devices which are suited for men of all shapes and (cock) sizes.

Why Should I Invest Into a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

You'd want to explore the opportunity of investing into a chastity device or a cock cage because you want to train yourself not to be controlled by the power of your cock. You will be able to stop being a slave to the needs of your erections and orgasms - and become a devoted slave to your partner (or 'keyholder') instead! Wearing a chastity device will help you de-program yourself from the standard school of thought regarding male masturbation: that it is quick, short, to the point and all about just getting it over and done with.

Instead, you will learn the value of controlling and delaying your orgasms, allowing them to become more intense, drawn out, and pleasurable. You will also be able to approach your day to day life with a clear head as you are no longer constantly thinking about your cock or needing to masturbate or have constant orgasms. You will find yourself becoming more sensitive, a better listener, and a kinder and more intuitive partner as you finally free yourself from your cock's control.

Never Have I Heard That There Could Be Sexiness in a Limp Dick. That's Preposterous!

The sexy thing about it is this: you're submitting control of your cock, your orgasms, and in many ways your entire sexuality to another person, usually one who you love and trust such as a long-term partner or a Dom/Domme with whom you have signed a contract. 'Denialis a well-established aspect of pleasure, from holding yourself on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible during a masturbation session, to participating in No Fap May and not getting off for an entire month.

The chastity device or a cock cage is the most extreme form of denial, combined with elements of submission as your orgasms are determined entirely by another person. You will gain better control of yourself and your body. You will become extremely sensitive, both physically and emotionally, and your body will be much more susceptible to teasing and foreplay. Plus, you'll learn how to enjoy elements of sex, such as having your nipples played with or prostate stimulated, which you might have neglected previously due to your singular focus on your cock!

So I Won't Be Able To Get Hard? At All?

Indeed! A chastity device or a cock cage would fully engulf your cock in a silicone tube, a leather pouch, or a series of metal rings. The design of a chastity device will leave you with absolutely zero ability to become erect, as your cock will simply not have enough space to expand and stiffen within its confinement.

If your cock even tries to start getting hard, your chastity device will start becoming uncomfortable and perhaps even painful, which will send your little guy right back down to its flaccid state quicker than you can say 'just a quickie'!

What About Having An Orgasm?

Nope, you won't be able to do that either! After all, if you can't get hard, then you can't cum, can you? That's right - nope! Without the ability to have an erection, your body simply will not be able to have an orgasm. Your chastity device or a cock cage will make absolutely sure of THAT!

No twitching and trembling and giving way to pleasurable muscle spasms as the world 'whites out' behind your eyelids as you tip over into absolute bliss...all of that will be absolutely impossible as long as that chastity device or a cock cage is locked firmly around your cock. Orgasms will only become a possibility once again if and only if your designated keyholder chooses to unlock your chastity device and set you free!

...What About A Prostate Orgasm?

You're slowly turning into a good sissy boi. That's good, that's really good. You'd get accustomed to the feeling of having your cock locked up inside a chastity device or a cock cage, will be able to 're-train' your bodies to ejaculate in a special kind of way that doesn't involve getting hard or touching your banger at all! This is referred to as a 'prostate orgasm' or sometimes as 'prostate milking' because it is not entirely similar to a 'normal' orgasm.

Your partner, using their fingers or a The Dildo Hub toy (or any other toy, come on, we are aware we're not the only adult toys store wink wink), can massage the inner walls of your anal chambers to stimulate your P-Spot, or your prostate, a very special walnut-shaped gland where some of your semen is stored. If you rub the prostate hard enough and long enough, it simply will not be able to hold on to all that fluid, and it will start draining and dripping out of your poor neglected cock.

So you'll get to drain your balls...but we'll be honest with you, it probably won't feel NEARLY as good as an orgasm where you get your cock touched, and you'll wind up feeling just as irritated and frustrated as you did before the 'milking' session started. Oh well - that's just life inside a chastity device!

What About Number 1 & Number 2?

Rest assured, none of your precious #1 or #2 would be impacted as none of our The Dildo Hub chastity devices or cock cages are restricting the ejection of your bodily fluids. The majority of our chastity devices feature 'slits' or 'holes' at the end which allow urine to pass through. You will be able to pee just as normally and regularly as you always have. As for #2, none of our chastity devices would block your rectal canals.

Will My Partner Enjoy My New Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

Well, unfortunately, we can't answer that one for you. This is a very personal question and the answer will differ for every single couple. The only advice we can give you is: ask them yourself! Bring up your interest in chastity and gauge their reaction.

Some partners are extremely excited to experiment with chastity devices with you, while others will be fine with you indulging your fantasies but will prefer to remain uninvolved and unaware of your kink exploration. Have a conversation and see how it goes - but we will say, if the two of you are willing to try it out together, male chastity play can be EXTREME erotic fun for all parties involved!

Will My Partner Still Be Able To Have Fun While I'm Chaste'd?

Heck yea!!! In fact, when you are locked up in a chastity device or a cock cage, your partner will get to experience so much pleasure, satisfaction and fun you wouldn't believe it.Why is that? Well, because chastity play is all about denial, and the locked-up partner will be teased and tormented by being forced to ignore their own desires.

Chastity devices and cock cages will completely prevent them not only from having an orgasm, but even from getting an erection in the first place! With their own pleasure so aggressively tabled, chaste slaves will focus on pleasuring their partner and fulfilling all of their deepest desires and fantasies with the hope of ending their lock-up period or earning their orgasm just a little bit earlier.

My Partner Wants Me To Wear A Chastity Device or a Cock Cage. Should I?

If you're up for it, then absolutely, yes! We definitely recommend listening to your partner if they've decided that you are a bad boy who deserves to be locked up. Odds are, they have a reason. Maybe they're tired of being so selfish in bed, or maybe they simply want to fulfill a long-held fantasy - but whatever their reason is, you should listen to it.

You might just find (in fact, you probably will!) that submitting to your partner and being a good, obedient, locked-up chastity slave is fulfilling in ways you never have imagined! All the stress of decision-making vanishes, and you can relax as all you need to do is follow orders and serve your keyholder.

How Do I Get My Partner To Remove My Cage?

Most practitioners of chastity play prefer to stick to a strict schedule. The day that your cage will be removed, whether for a simple cleaning or for a chance at earning pleasure or even an orgasm, will be scheduled in advance and most likely marked down on a calendar.

This is both so that the keyholder can tease the locked-up partner by reminding them just how far away their next release is and so that, if they are feeling in a particularly good mood, you might just have the chance to earn an earlier removal from their cage. This can generally be accomplished by following every rule your keyholder sets and going above and beyond: do chores around the house, buy your partner nice gifts, and always be willing and ready to service them sexually.

How Do I Milk An Orgasm From My Partner?

Earning a release from your cage, however, does not necessarily mean that you've earned your sexual release as well. If you've been good but not quite good enough, your partner might just unlock you for a teasing session or some foreplay without a 'happy ending' guaranteed. If you want a chance to have an orgasm, especially if you want it to be moved up and happen ahead of schedule, then your only option is to be extra good - on your best behavior, practically perfect in every way.

Do every single chore that you could think of, especially those which your partner dislikes. Listen and be obedient and never talk back to them - treat them with extreme politeness, using titles such as 'Mistress' or 'Master' if they enjoy them. In the bedroom, put the entire focus on your partner, servicing them eagerly without needing to wait for them to ask or command it. If you are extra, especially good, AND your partner is in a good enough mood, you just might get a chance to cum uncaged - and it will feel amazing!

What Types of Chastity Devices & Cock Cages are available at The Dildo Hub?

Here at The Dildo Hub, we are proud to offer unique varieties of male chastity devices and cock cages for sale as part of our extensive adult toys collection. All of our cages are made using only premium-grade materials such as stainless steel, metal, silicone, plastic. We don't compromise and neither should our customers - get to know our brand philosophy and principles.

What is My Future Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Made Of?

If you aren't sure where to get started, try buying a range of products and taking each of them out for a spin. Maybe your cock will even find it enjoys the changing weights, feelings and sensations of being locked in many different cages!

How Do I Wear the Chastity Device or the Cock Cage?

You should put on your chastity device or your cock cage very carefully to make sure that it is fitting properly and will not be uncomfortable against your cock. Moreover, if a chastity cage is more your speed, first fasten the ring firmly around your balls before gently sliding your cock into the cage- or tube-shaped part.

Once your chastity device is on, have your partner lock you up firmly. (You don't get to do it until you've proven yourself, of course - naughty men and sissies can't be trusted to lock away their own cocks!) Take a walk around the room to make sure everything is hanging and fitting comfortably, and then make any adjustments as needed. That's it - you're all locked up snug inside your brand new chastity device!

Will I Be Able To Take Off The Chastity Device or the Cock Cage Once It's On?

Of course not! That's the point of a cock cage or a chastity belt in the first place! You will not be able to remove it - and believe us, we've tried. Your cock will be staying nice, snug and locked up no matter how hard you work to free it. And trust us, we don't recommend trying - if your keyholder finds out you've been trying to break free rather than taking your punishment like a good boy, you'll certainly be in for an even longer lockup period, and probably some additional punishments like a spanking session or extra chores as well!

What Do I Do With The 2 Brass Keys?

Well, you definitely shouldn't hold onto them yourself, that's for sure. Most chastity slaves cannot be trusted with their own keys until they have been living the lifestyle for years - and perhaps not even then. Instead, the keys should be immediately surrendered to your keyholder, who will keep them safe until you have earned your next unlocking.

Now, some advice for keyholders: your partner's cage will come with a set of two keys. This is because you should always have one kept in a safe place for emergencies. Store it in a drawer, in your jewelry box, in a box you rent at your post office - the location doesn't matter, as long as it's 1) safe and 2) somewhere you'll never forget about. As for the other key, well, that's entirely up to you! Leave it lying out on the counter, attach it to your keyring along with your car and house keys, or even have it made into a nice piece of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet for you to wear.

Just remember, the decision is always yours, and your chastity slave gets absolutely no input whatsoever!

Can I Wear My Cock Cage For a Long Time?

That depends entirely on the device. Most chastity cages are rated for long-term use, and can be safely worn for months or even years as long as they are kept clean and given regular scrubbing to sponge away sweat and banish bacteria. However, there are a couple of exceptions which you should always keep in mind.

I've Never Worn a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Before. How Do I Get Started?

Well, the best advice our staffers here at The Dildo Hub is to take it easy and to take it slow. Simply put, don't start out by wearing your chastity device or a cock cage for several days at a time without taking it off.

That is a sure ticket to feeling sore and uncomfortable rather than seeing your chastity cage as an intensely erotic and pleasurable (if frustrating) experience. We want you to love our cages, not to feel annoyed and in pain by them! So start small and work your way up to more long-time wear. The first couple times, just put your cock cage on for a few hours (and don't forget to do some walking around to make sure it feels comfortable) before taking it off and giving yourself a break.

Once you're okay with a few hours, you can work your way up to an entire day, a few days at once, a week, and finally, permanent wear with breaks only when your keyholder allows it!

What Size of a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage Should I Invest Into? A Big One? A Small One?

That depends on how big your meatloaf is. The most important thing about a chastity device or a cock cage is not whether it is a big one or a small one, but that it fits you properly. The best kind of cock cage is one that nestles snugly around your cock without squeezing too tight or forcing your head to jam against the end.

A chastity device or a cock cage that is too small can pinch the very sensitive skin of your cock, while one that is too large can rub against you and cause chafing, irritated skin and even rashes. So, when picking out your chastity device or a cock cage, take precise, accurate measurements and do not under- or over-estimate them. Then, choose the cock cage size which fits you best from our extensive chastity devices & cock cages collection.

(Now, some men have reported that their cock actually shrinks by up to an inch after extended chastity cage wear - if you find yourself in this situation, treat yourself to a brand new cock cage as soon as you notice your previous one fitting a bit too loosely.)

Should I Invest Into a Stainless Steel Chastity Device or a Cock Cage? What About a Silicone or a Leather one?

Again, it depends, but this time, the decision is entirely up to you. Not all chastity device or cock cage materials are safe, however, all are comfortable. Pick one made from either made from stainless steel, metal or silicone and you'd be bang on safe & sound. If you like a more intense feeling that will create a sensation of being 'in prison' and locked behind bars, then metal - particularly stainless steel - is definitely the way to go.

If your skin is more sensitive and you need something with a smoother feel, then look for something like silicone instead. Finally, leather has an extreme aesthetic appeal and is best for fashion-forward men who want their cock to look great even while it stays tightly locked up! Avoid plastic, rubber, jelly, leather and TPR-made chastity devices & cock cages as those aren't considered body-safe.


I've Lived With My Cock Cage For A Few Years Now. Is There Anything Else That I Could Find On Your Store?

Absolutely! The Dildo Hub collections can meet the needs and the whims of both newbies and experienced chastity device users alike. If you're looking for something new and exciting, then look no further! We've got plenty of options for those who feel that their chastity play is getting a little stale and could use some freshening up to add that spark of adventure back to their tease- and denial-filled sex life.

Savor a shopping bonanza across all of The Dildo Hub adult toys collections - dragon dildos, fantasy dildos, realistic dildos, anal toys, vibrators, chastity devices & cock cages as well as the best selling toys that have taken the hearts, the minds and the love tunnels of many.

Nimrod, a Dragon Dildo from

Help! My Meatloaf/Sissy Clitty Isn't Fitting My Cock Cage!

If your cock cage feels too large or too small, then chances are you've accidentally picked one out that isn't quite the right size for you. You might notice size issues if you feel the cage pinching your cock, especially at the head, if you feel 'squished' inside the cage with no room for your skin to 'breathe',if you are sweating excessively, if your cock rubs against the outside of the cage producing friction, or if your skin winds up red, chafed and irritated after wearing your cage and walking around.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it's time to do a size check. Re-measure both the length and circumference of your cock, and then look into purchasing a better-fitting cock cage to avoid any further discomfort. (And if you find yourself in this situation because your cock has actually become smaller due to being locked up all the time, then congratulations! You're well on your way to becoming the perfect tiny-cocked sissy for your keyholder to enjoy humiliating!)

Ouch! My Cock Cage is Uncomfortable and I'm in Pain!

Take off your cage immediately if you notice any of the following: pain, itching, raw skin / redness, discomfort, rash, bleeding, pinching of skin, or anything else falling under the umbrella or 'painful things other than frustration with your ability to get hard or have an orgasm'. These are all signs that all is not well in your chastity lifestyle. However, before you get too scared, take a deep breath and try not to panic - most of these issues are extremely minor and can be fixed up pretty much immediately, leaving everything nice and snug and comfortable once again.

Odds are, your cage just needs a bit of cleaning! Take off your cage and give it a nice thorough scrubbing, making sure to remove any sweat, bacteria, lube or other gunk that might have built up on the inside. In most cases, this will be enough to fix any problems which you might be having with your chastity device. However, if that still doesn't fix the problem, it may be time to start looking into treating yourself to a brand new The Dildo Hub chastity device or a cock cage!

Will People Around Me Be Able To Tell That I'm Locked Up?

Not unless you want them to! Because they keep your cock nice and flaccid and prevent those unwanted, unfortunate erections, chastity devices are typically fairly easy to hide. You will be able to carry out your locked-up lifestyle without your friends, family or coworkers having to find out that you are a naughty boy who needs his orgasms denied and controlled by a dominant partner. However, we do recommend that you buy a couple pairs of snug, tighter underwear that will support the weight of your chastity device or a cock cage and will not leave any telltale bulge for those around you to notice.

Briefs, boxer briefs, jock straps and other sports-type underwear, and of course lacy, silky, frilly ladies' panties all make perfect underwear to pair with your chastity device. If you choose the right underwear and stick to looser, baggier clothes in your daily life while avoiding the skin-tight, 'painted on pants' look, your embarrassing little chastity secret will remain perfectly safe from the people you encounter.

Will My Piece of Meat Stay Risk-Free and Healthy While Wearing a Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

It certainly will! Chastity devices and cock cages are completely safe and can be used by men of all shapes and sizes without having to worry about developing any health issues. You might find your cock shrinking by a few centimeters - maybe even up to an inch! - and you might be slower to get erections even during the times when you are out of the cage or belt, because your cock has become so accustomed to being locked up.

However, even these small drawbacks are completely made up for by the cage's ability to turn you into the perfect submissive chastity slave for your partner, as well as opening up a wide world of sexual possibilities by unlocking your ability to cum from non-traditional methods of stimulation such as having your nipples tweaked or your prostate massaged. Long story short, the pros of wearing a cage and locking yourself up in long-term or permanent chastity definitely outweigh the cons!

My Cock Cage is Getting Dirty. What Can I Do?

Chastity devices and cock cages are pretty amazing, but unfortunately, there's one way in which they aren't absolutely perfect - they're not self-cleaning. Sweat, grime and dirt will inevitably build up on the inside of your cage, especially if you are wearing it 24/7, not to mention lube and possibly even pre-cum or ejaculate if your partner decides to give you a prostate milking instead of letting you have a 'full' orgasm.

When you start to notice this buildup - typically every 2-3 weeks, possibly once per month if you are careful to remain especially clean - that means it's time to unlock your cage and give it a cleaning. Use hot water and antibacterial soap to ensure that both the inside and outside of your cage wind up properly cleaned, and don't forget to give your own cock a wash while it's enjoying its brief period of freedom. Dry your cage completely before putting it back on, as damp metal or plastic on skin is the culprit behind most cases of uncomfortable chafing.

Of course, if you find yourself unable to keep your hands from giving your cock some sneaky strokes during a cleaning session, you'd better call over your keyholder to supervise - just because you're giving yourself a necessary cleaning doesn't give you a free pass to break the rules!

There's a Weird Smell Coming Outta My Chastity Device? What's Going On?

Another side effect which you might experience if you engage in a permanent chastity lifestyle is that , every so often, your cage starts to smell the tiniest bit funky. Don't panic - this is almost always the result of the sweat residue and dirt build-up we just discussed in the previous answer. And, just like that, it can be fixed by a simple cleaning. Use lotsw of soap and even more hot water to scrub away any traces of nasty scent from both your cage and your cock itself (don't forget, sweaty skin can smell pretty bad too!).

We definitely recommend using a washcloth, sponge or loofah which can reach all the small edges and corners of your cock cage and wash away every last little bit of dirt. If you do find yourself wanting to use a scented soap or lotion to replace the unpleasant scent with a much nicer one, always be sure to check the ingredients first. Only use soaps with natural scents, as artificial scent chemicals can leave a nasty residue on the inside of your cock cage that just makes it need another cleaning that much sooner.

Chastity Devices

I Can't Fall Asleep Because of the Chastity Device. What can I do?

This is a problem that many men report experiencing during the early days of wearing a chastity device or a cock cage. If you are experiencing this, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, and most men will have this difficulty at one time or another while they are getting used to the feeling of having their cocks locked up on a permanent basis.

Fortunately, hands-on research and further analysis conducted by our very own staff members at The Dildo Hub has found that there is quite a simple solution for chastity cage induced sleep difficulties: paying extra attention to what position you fall asleep in at night, and taking care to choose a position which bears the weight of your cage. Try sleeping on your back, where your caged cock can rest against your stomach and not move or bounce left, right and center during the long night.

Alternately, you can try sleeping on one side while holding on to a body pillow, large stuffed animal or even your partner's body - as long as you make sure to pick an item which will comfortably cushion your locked cock all through the night.

My Chastity Device is Off and I Can't Contain Myself. The Urge is Greater Than My Will. What Do I Do?

Oh, aren't you just a naughty little sissy! Yes, it's sad but true - this is one bad habit which so many naughty men need to be trained out of by their keyholders. You get the cage off, whether it's to clean it, or because it needs adjusting, or because you partner has decided that you've been good enough to deserve a period of unlock, and then the sight of your poor untouched cock right there just becomes so tempting. You simply can't keep your hands off of tell yourself it's just going to be one touch, one stroke, and before you know it, you've lost all control and are frantically jerking yourself off hoping to reach orgasm before your keyholder notices.

Stop! Stop that right now! You know, deep in your heart, that any sneaky orgasm you might experience there will not be worth the punishment - and especially not worth how disappointed in you your keyholder will be after they check up on your drained balls. Instead, as soon as you notice yourself experiencing this problem, tell your keyholder immediately. Get on your knees and beg for their assistance, and they will bind your hands or put on and remove the cage themselves until you've abolished the bad habits.

Chastity Devices & Sleep

How Long is the Lifecycle of a Chastity Device? How Long Till I Have to Invest Into Purchasing A New One?

If you make sure to clean it regularly and take good care of it, then a good chastity device or a cock cage can last for months or even years! Cock cages and chastity belts are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials such as versatile silicone and strong stainless steel.

However, if you don't take good care of your chastity device, this can lead to it quickly degrading in quality and needing to be replaced more quickly than you could have possibly thought. So always make sure to treat your cock cage or chastity device right if you want it to be a part of your life and your relationship for a good long time!

Can I Wear Panties/Thongs/Briefs Alongside My Chastity Device?

Yes! Absolutely! In fact, it's recommended that you wear underwear over your cock cage or chastity belt, as 'going commando' can lead to your cage feeling heavy and dragging your cock downwards in an uncomfortable position rather than sitting snug and secure as it should be. Well-fitted underwear provides the perfect support system for your chastity device - especially a cock cage, which is generally slightly heavier and denser than a chastity belt - and keeps its weight balanced and prevents it from becoming too heavy even if you are wearing it all day.

Pick out a nice, comfortable pair of underwear that clings tightly to the outline of your cock cage. Try boxer briefs, briefs, jock straps, or panties, and stay away from anything too loose or baggy such as plain boxers, as they will not have any particular effect at all. Can't decide between all of the amazing underwear choices available to you? The Dildo Hub staffers definitely recommend panties - they're sissy, sexy, and will support your locked and caged cock at the exact same time! Plus your keyholder will be thrilled to see you all done up and snugged in ribbons and lace!

Can I Dress in an Outfit, Moreover, Can I Crossdress?

Hell effin yeah!!!...and don't forget to send us your photos for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts. Picking out a sexy outfit to coordinate with your chastity device or cock cage is one of the best ways to get on your keyholder's good side and possibly even entice them to grant you a reward. After all, nothing shows extra effort and complete and utter devotion like focusing on fashion and making yourself look as sexy as possible.

Not sure where to get started? Think about what your keyholder finds sexy. Do they like black fishnets or stockings? Silk or satin in delicate pastels? High heels? Lots of ribbons everywhere? Latex outfits? Corsets and brasseries? Even mesh babydolls? To give you something to work with, think about color-coordinating your outfit with your chastity device or your cock cage. Keep in mind that leather goes very well with stainless steel, while gentler fabrics like silk fit perfectly with the delicate, smooth texture of plastic or silicone.

Can I Use Other Sex Toys Alongside My Chastity Device or a Cock Cage?

Excellent question! At The Dildo Hub, we're committed to sourcing world-class sex toys for every step of your sexual wellness journey. We constantly push ourselves to be the best and have done since day one - we never compromise and neither should our customers. We strongly encourage our customers to expand their horizons and never limit themselves to sticking with just one adult toy.

So even if you've decided that you love cock cages, and that permanent chastity is the right kind of lifestyle for you, that doesn't mean that you have to say 'no' to all of the other amazing toys and tools in our catalog. There are lots and lots of sex toys which can be used for the kind of frustration-focused, orgasm-refusing 'tease and denial' play which forms the core of what makes male chastity so damn sexy. So be sure to explore outside of the chastity devices and cock cages and treat yourself - or treat your keyholder - to a shopping bonanza across all of The Dildo Hub adult toys collections - dragon dildos, fantasy dildos, realistic dildos, anal toys, vibrators, chastity devices & cock cages as well as the best selling toys that have taken the hearts, the minds and the love tunnels of many.

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