BadWolf Color Options

Single Color Variation

Bold and intense, the single color variations are rock solid and will emphasize the item's gorgeous shape, marvelous details, and otherworldly design.

Split Color Variation

Exotic and eccentric, split color variations are a tiny step ahead in terms of visual perception. Pick your base and shaft colors for a truly unforgettable experience!

Mixed Color Variation

Fascinating and intricate, mixed color variations are marbled to perfection to evoke one's internal desire for titillating fun and gratifying play that lead to explosive finales.

🎨 Color Options & Pigment Patterns 🎨

Bold, engaging, vibrant, intense, warm, romantic, somber, earthy, solid, natural, cheerful, happy, friendly, loyal, peaceful? We've got you covered with a myriad of excitement evoking colors to help you customize your new fantasy dildo! 😍

Yellow Pearl
White Pearl
Violet Pearl
Silver Pearl
Red Pearl
Pistachio Pearl
Pink Pearl
Peppermint Pearl
Neon Yellow
Neon Violet
Neon Red
Neon Orange
Neon Green
Neon Blue
Navy Blue
Navy Blue Pearl
Lime Pearl
Light Violet Pearl
Light Pink Pearl
Light Blue Pearl
Green Tea
Green Pearl
Graphite Pearl
Gold Pearl
Flesh Pearl
Copper Pearl
Chocolate Pearl
Blue Pearl
Black Violet Pearl
Black Pearl
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Mustang | Medium-Sized Animal Horse Dildo by Bad Wolf® Sex Toys from Bad Wolf
Mustang | Medium-Sized Animal Horse Dildo by Bad Wolf® Sex Toys from Bad Wolf
🐴 9.84 Inch Mustang Horse Cock Dildo
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