The Best Realistic Dildos Ever & Choosing the Right One

The Best Realistic Dildos

Coming in endless different sizes, shapes, curves, and colors, realistic dildos are still the most popular sex toys on the planet. Realistic dildos have existed since the dawn of mankind. But, until recent years, they were basically just bulky and rigid shafts vaguely shaped like a penis. Nowadays, however, the best realistic dildos out there look and feel completely genuine. Penis-owners are starting to face some real competition, as their cocks are not the only players in the game now!

Along with providing a different type of pleasure than your own hands can offer, if used with a partner, the use of realistic dildos in your intimate play can open up a whole new world of intimate adventures that can bring you and your partner(s) closer together. After all, who doesn't want to experience more effortless and varied orgasms? We bet you do!

Realistic dildos come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, and can be made from a variety of materials. Some realistic dildos are designed to be worn with a strap-on harness to enable one partner to penetrate another hands-free. Other realistic dildos are designed to be manipulated by hand. Still, others are designed with a suction cup-type base to enable hands-free solo penetration. Figuring out which realistic dildo may be right for you is the focus of this article. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, beer, or a sip of good ole Jack and enjoy reading!

Most Realistic Dildos on the Sex Toy Market

Of course, the most realistic dildo on the sex toy market is a highly subjective matter. If a thick dick is on your shopping list, you're in the right place. Girthy, long, and super-lifelike, all the realistic dildos in this article showcase larger-than-life proportions with ultra-realistic detail for pleasure that blends fantasy with reality. Ready when you are?

1. Santa Claus's Massive Realistic Dildo - Custom Hand-Poured Sensation from Bad Wolf®

Santa Claus is an incredible custom hand-poured platinum silicone product that can be customized in a variety of ways. We know Xmas isn't coming anytime soon but you won't find this gorgeous marbled cock in any of the hanging stockings of your festive fireplace. This realistic dildo has incredible attention to detail, a massive shaft, an engorged mushroom tip, and a set of bulging veins throughout, adding to the promise of a truly lifelike sensation and experience. Hand-poured as per the customer expectations and made of platinum cured silicone, it is, without a doubt, the very best realistic dildo in the world. The feel of the shaft, the head, the testicles, the skin… it’s all just perfect. The shaft is flexible, but it has an inner core so when you are fucking your dildo, you will feel good resistance, just like you would from a penis.

The material of Santa Claus's Massive Realistic Dildo is the highest quality grade platinum cured silicone this part of the visible Universe has to offer. It's the FDA preference for medical-grade devices, and produces no byproducts during the curing process, making for a safer, higher quality finished product. The chosen silicone for each handmade Bad Wolf® fantasy toy is not only 100% body-safe, non-toxic, and phthalates-free, it looks and feels out of this world.

2. Silexpan Light Hypoallergenic Silicone Dildo with Balls

This Silexpan Light Hypoallergenic Silicone Dildo with Balls is another stunningly realistic silicone dildo. It’s very smooth, it has a soft skin texture that acts exactly like real skin, and it just feels fantastic overall. It comes equipped with a suction cup and natural-looking raised veins. Insertion is fantastic, it bends and rotates in every angle and it really looks and feels like the most realistic dildo in the world.

Eight inches of solid schlong! This simply luscious dildo is made with ultra-premium silicone to give you a lasting pleasure tool that you can trust. The defined head and bulging veins make this dong look and feel like the real thing... or maybe even better! The strong suction cup base sticks to just about any flat surface so that you can it for a ride. You can even warm it up or cool it down for a variety of sensations. The hypoallergenic material is easy to clean with mild soap or a toy cleaner, but it is also top-rack dishwasher safe and sterilizing with 3 minutes of boiling. Use only water-based lubricants.

3. Colours Dual Density Dark Brown Realistic Dildo

There will be times in your life when all you may want or need for a really great, super-satisfying, sweet-spot targeting romp in the sack (or on the couch, or counter or backseat, etc.) is a favorite cock, or, more to our point, a fantastic dildo that looks and feels just like a cock.

The Dual Density Dark Brown Realistic Dildo wants to give you some sexual healing with his extra-long dong! Think you can go balls-deep on this massive member? Made of platinum cured silicone, this cock is crafted to faithfully fulfill your penetrative fantasies, while keeping your intimate world safe and sound! When you are craving a huge hunk of dark man meat, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into! Take it for a ride by suctioning the base to a smooth, hard surface, or harness it up for strap-on play. You know what they say... the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice! And this BBC is juicy!

The Best Realistic Dildos on a Budget

Although the first three realistic dildos on display are some of the best-looking, best-shagging, best-tastin' realistic dildos out there, there is still plenty of other excellent budget and wallet-friendly options out there. The following options won't suck out your bank's balance but they'll certainly make you cum as if you've hit the jackpot.

1. Dr. Skin Chocolate Stud Muffin Realistic Cock - 8.5 Inches

Dr. Skin Chocolate Stud Muffin Realistic Cock is another one of the best realistic dildos in the world for many reasons. Firstly, it looks and feels incredible. It has just the right amount of length, girth, and softness and the firm core inside the dildo feels perfect. When you are pinching and bending the dildo, it will do exactly what you please. But when you are pounding away on it, you will feel a nice amount of resistance, so it’s not too squishy like some other realistic dildos

This sturdy, lifelike cock with balls features a suction cup base that can be mounted to a smooth, hard surface or strapped into a harness! The girthy, veined shaft provides a realistic ride, while the thickly ridged head increases sensation. Use with your favorite silicone or water-based lubricant for solo or partner sex that is always ready to go, and will not stop until you are satisfied. This material is phthalate-free and can be cleaned with mild soap or toy cleaner.

2. 8.25 Inch Realistic Dildo with Balls - Blue

This tempting dildo is the perfect way to indulge your sweet side, guilt-free! Slick with just a hint of giving, this slim shaft is realistically detailed and molded from phthalate-free PVC material. The sturdy suction cup base lets you stick it to any flat surface for a hands-free ride, or use it in your favorite strap-on harness!

This eye-popping colorful dildo is ready to be popped inside for your pleasure! Its veiny shaft and realistic balls are perfect for fantasy play! The suction cup base allows you to enjoy this toy hands-free by placing it firmly on any flat surface and riding it to ecstasy!

For play with a partner, this sexy dildo is also harnessed compatible for strap-on play! Use with plenty of water-based or silicone-based lubricant. (Do not use oil-based lube!) Made of phthalate-free PVC rubber, this dildo is safe for internal use. After the play, wash with warm water and soap and store in a cool, dry place. Also available in purple, pink, and light.

3. Santiago Latin SkinTech Realistic 7 Inch Dildo

Add some spice to your sex life with Santiago! This Papi Chulo is the ideal Latin lover for those who prefer an average-sized penis. Made of innovative SkinTech material, this cock is crafted to faithfully fulfill your penetrative fantasies. Every vein and ripple in the dark complexion of this dildo will have you feeling hot hot hot! Take it for a ride by suctioning the base to a smooth, hard surface, or harness it up for strap-on play. Play with el pene perfecto whenever the mood strikes! Santiago will never turn you down for a samba between the sheets.

Santiago has just the right amount of length and girth to fill you up! Enjoy the thrill of a hot cock with lifelike, realistic details in a firm, semi-pliable material. The strong suction cup base will adhere to any flat, smooth surface for a hands-free ride. Made of high-quality latex-and-phthalate-free TPE that is easy to clean and maintain.

How To Choose the Best Realistic Dildo Out There

Choosing the best realistic dildo takes time and effort, especially when one needs to take into consideration the material, the size, the girth, the length, the price, as well as other features. Realistic dildos can be made from various materials, including pure silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, finished wood, ABS plastics, and many kinds of soft plastics such as jelly and rubber. Each material has its own features, characteristics, qualities, and pros/cons that can affect your experience like the ease of cleaning your dildo. If you aren't confident in your cleaning expertise check out our guide on how to clean a dildo.


Generally speaking, pure silicone, food-grade silicone, medical silicone, and platinum-cured silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, body-safe, easy to clean and sterilize, and very durable. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to pure silicone; it can be cast in varying degrees of firmness; you can find very firm silicone toys as well as very soft ones. As we always advise, please take note and know that dildos made from pure silicone should be kept away from silicone-based lubricants as they compromise the structural integrity of silicone.

Various types of plastic and rubber dildos are widely available and supply both soft, firm, and hard consistency. The advantage of plastic and rubber toys is that they can often be quite inexpensive. The disadvantage of some types of these toys, especially soft toys, is that they can be difficult to clean, are often not very durable.


While realistic dildos may look very similar from the outside, they feel very different during use. Even the smallest of curves in the tip of a dildo can completely change your experience, depending on where you are the most sensitive. Most vulva-owners love when their G-spot is stimulated, and in this case, curved models will go a long way in enhancing the whole experience. Besides curved models, there are also all kinds of twisted, bent, and veined dildo designs, but we would recommend all beginners to go with something small and simple, without any crazy textures.


When choosing the size of your dildo, you should first consider your experience level. Have you ever used any sex toys? Which type of sex do you enjoy the most – the feeling of fullness in yourself, or pinpoint accurate massaging of a certain area like the G-spot or P-spot? If you enjoy the feeling of fullness inside you, then I would suggest dildos with a diameter of 1.3-1.7 inches. If you want something more slender, for careful stroking inside your pleasure chambers, then the 1.00-1.25-inch realistic dildos on this list will be your best buddy. A smaller dildo will be unintimidating, comfortable to use and a perfect first step into the wonderful world of dildos.


Besides the girth of a dildo, you should also consider the length. Even if you love the feeling of fullness, I would recommend all of you start out with shorter dildos. Really long dildos might look very impressive from the outside, but they are often difficult to handle and unless it has a strong sturdy suction cup, you might find that you always need your partner to use your dildo properly and comfortably. However, if you have some experience under your belt and you already know how to work these realistic dildos like a true lust veteran, then go ahead and go bigger than ever! On our online store, you'll find realistic dildos as big as 20 or more inches.

Suction Cup

Would you like to use one of these best realistic dildos in the shower? Do you enjoy having sex while standing? If yes, then a dildo with a suction cup at the bottom will help you immensely. Believe us, there's nothing better than attaching your sturdy companion to the shower wall and doing your magic till you spill all of your juices. These suction cups allow you to mount your dildo against any flat surface, giving you the ability to use these dildos hands-free. We can say from personal experience that using dildos hands-free adds to the realism unlike anything else. We love pounding our dildos in the shower more than anything else in this world! We bet you're already fantasizing.

Price Tag

The price range of realistic dildos is very broad - from realistic dildos costing as little as a few bucks, to monstrosities that can certainly break your bank if you don't plan your budget right. There are cheap realistic dildos, but there are also high-end life-like realistic dildos that cost a premium but bring incredible designs and feelings. If you are a beginner, we'd humbly suggest staying around the 20-65$ price range. For this price, you get a glimpse into what the best realistic dildos are capable of, without losing a big chunk of your precious benjamins. However, if your toy's chest is already spilling and you want nothing short of the best, then step into the world of the absolute best life-like dildos, starting at the $150-500 price range.

You can also check out our guide on how to pick a dildo.

Who Are the People That Should Get a Realistic Dildo?

Realistic dildos and their use in the bedroom, or elsewhere, is without a doubt the world's finest alternative to masturbation. Realistic dildos are and will remain the world's favorite sex toy as they're an incredible addition to anyone's intimate lifestyle. A wonderful thing about this type of pleasure product is how inclusive it is. Literally, everybody has the means to try one out, and therefore nobody needs to miss out on this type of fun! Yes, wider traditional use is vaginally, but this is only one way a realistic dildo can be satisfying. They can be used vaginally, anally (if the dildo has a flared base), and even for oral and manual sex fantasies! The point is, realistic dildos are great in that no one should ever feel left out, and anyone who wishes to dive deep into the world of sex toys can rest assured that a realistic dildo is a solid option for them to try out.

Realistic dildos may be your medicine if any of your sexual fantasies involve:

1. You crave the feeling of being penetrated by a penis but you're not really into the real thing. You'd rather be alone in the comfort of your own home
2. You'd like to try and train your body with new exotic positions from Cosmo's latest article. No problem, affix your realistic dildo with a suction cup to any flat and hard surface and get ready to fuck your brains out while standing, sitting, showering, etc..
3. You love your partner but you're craving a larger size, perhaps a different shape inside you. You remember that time your G-spot was stroked like nothing else and really want to give this curved realistic dildo a try. Experiment at will!
3. You consider yourself a bit crazy and want to push yourself to unimaginable domains of stretching. Worry not, there are plenty of penis-shaped extra-large realistic dildos out there that'll drive you crazy
4. You've had sex with penis-owners but didn't really enjoy the action and would rather own a good silicone boy for those special moments
5. You've finally negotiated your way into pegging your lover and are preparing your new strap-on harness for the big evening
6. You'd like to experience girl-on-girl actions with a realistic dildo, however, don't forget to lick it real good before you stick it nice and deep

Who Shouldn't Get a Realistic Dildo

That's a good one and we were really reluctant to provide a response. We know for a fact that, on average, a lot of folks own more than 10 pleasure toys in their toy's chest. While realistic dildos are versatile and inclusive, not everything that is shaped like a penis appeals to everyone. Luckily, there are other dildos that would serve the same purpose of driving you crazy and curling your toes. Consider setting your sight on our fantasy dildos, dragon dildos, animal dildos, tentacle dildos, horse dildos, to name a few, and see whether those forms may appeal to your sexual fantasies and if they'd fit your product and performance expectations. If you'd prefer a different type of sex toy you should consider wand vibrators.

Our Method of Choosing the Best Realistic Dildos

Not including the 2000+ realistic dildos and penis-shaped dildos in this article really made us suffer and contemplate on whether we've provided the best choices for our audience. Truth be told, we'll let you, our readers and customers, decide if we were able to present some of the world's best realistic dildos. Browse at will, read your chosen products descriptions, choose wisely based on important factors such as the material of your realistic dildo, its length, girth, size, as well as if it features a suction cup or a flared base, and most importantly make informed decisions before your place your purchase for any pleasure toy. Realistic dildos are a bedroom staple and will remain the world's best-selling sex toy.

At The Dildo Hub, we love our fun, outside-the-box dragon dildos, fantasy dildos, alien dildos, and monster dildos - don't get us wrong. But sometimes, there's nothing better than a realistic dildo to get you going. Each soft realistic dildo for sale has an ultra-lifelike appearance and realistic details that could fool even the sharpest of senses. Some of our realistic penis products even come with squeezable balls for an added level of sensational realism.

Can I Place My Order With You?

The Dildo Hub is one of America's largest online sex toy retailers, offering 5000+ adult novelties and pleasure products. Our philosophy is simple - we deliver sex-positive pleasure to your world. If you're wondering where you should buy a dildo or anything else that goes in or around your intimate zones, you've come to the right place.

On a budget? Check out our high-quality fair-priced dildos. We've got you covered with a good selection of affordable pleasure products, including a myriad of fun-loving realistic dildos or fantasy dildos. Remember, being inexpensive does not mean poor quality, or questionable materials. Always read the product descriptions and make an informed purchase decision.

We've taken the liberty of listing only high-quality hand-picked pleasure products for sale. Place your discreet online order today. We look forward to delivering pleasure to your world. Thank you for finishing this article and thank you for being a customer!

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