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Bought the double dildo large. Wow does it feel great. Need to get it in the largest size next. Love the way it open me up and stretches my hole. Thanks Mr. Hankey's toys. I will buy again soon.

Timothy Geelhaar

I bought the XXXcalibur L last month and After some training I am able to take 3/4 of him. Within few days I am sure that I Will shift to the balls. It Is simple fantastic

Michele Lostia

They went above and beyond to make everything good with my order. Very impressed with how they treated me as a customer, and there product is way above other manufactures on the market

Steven Schmuland





Sailing Into Euphoric Adventures with Captain's Hook!

Embark on a Voyage of Pleasure:

The allure of uncharted territories and the thrill of the unfamiliar - that's the essence of Captain's Hook, the latest offering from MrHankeysToys. Not just a toy, but a passport to pleasure realms previously unexplored. Perfectly tailored to navigate the intricate alleys of your desires, this fantasy dildo is a compass pointing straight to euphoria.

Redefining the Depths of Desire:

Every treasure chest has its key, and everybody has its depth where pleasure resides. Not too long, yet tantalizingly angled, the Captain's Hook is meticulously crafted to delve just deep enough, teasing and tempting that sweet spot where rapture awaits. Whether it’s the prostate or another secret erogenous alcove, Captain’s Hook knows precisely where to anchor.

A Symphony of Sensations:

The glans, the preputial ring, each curve, and the contour of this beast dildo resonate with purpose. Designed to stimulate, seduce, and send shivers of pleasure rippling through you, it's a serenade to the senses. With each thrust and twirl, Captain's Hook promises an orchestra of orgasms, each note more intense than the last.

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy:

In the vast sea of realistic dildos and horse dildos, the Captain's Hook stands out like a legendary siren's song. It's more than just a monster dildo; it’s an ode to fantasies both wild and wicked. Whether you fancy the raw power of an ogre dildo or the fierce majesty of a beast dildo, HankeysToys invites you to set sail on this sumptuous journey.

Custom-Tailored to Your Fantasies:

No two dreams are alike, and neither are desires. Recognizing the uniqueness of each fantasy, MrHankeysToys offers custom dildo options. Tailor your Captain's Hook, whether in length, girth, or color, ensuring your voyage is as individual as your imagination. Speaking of hues, our Captain shines in a mesmerizing Gunmetal Grey, though remember, each shade is hand-mixed, mirroring the individuality of passion.

Heed the Captain’s Caution:

While the Captain's Hook promises pleasure aplenty, it comes with its unique quirks. Due to its artistic curvature, it may not be the best mate for sex machine play, potentially taking a spin when you least expect it. Depending on its majestic size, you might find this adventure best embarked upon with a trusted partner by your side, guiding the Captain on his quest for pleasure.

Unveiling a World of Sensual Exploration with MrHankeysToys

The Gold Standard: Platinum-Cured Silicone Dildos:

MrHankeysToys stands synonymous with quality, ensuring your pleasure is both profound and protected. Our platinum-cured silicone dildos offer unparalleled softness, flexibility, and safety. This isn’t just silicone; it’s the crème de la crème of intimate materials, ensuring every touch is as tantalizing as it is trustworthy.

Fantasy Meets Functionality: Body-Safe Fantasy Dildos:

Dive into the depths of your most wicked whims and desires with our body-safe fantasy dildos. Whether it's an alien dildo's otherworldly allure or the primal appeal of a beast dildo, our offerings promise not just fantasy, but the assurance that your intimate escapades remain utterly safe and sumptuous.

Your Desire, Your Design: Custom Dildos:

Because no two fantasies are the same, MrHankeysToys is proud to cater to your unique cravings. Our custom dildos give you the reins, allowing you to tailor every inch to your preference, ensuring your pleasure is as personal as your imagination.

Lock in Your Pleasure: Vac-U-Lock Dildos:

Craving a seamless experience? Our Vac-U-Lock dildos provide stability and versatility, ensuring your intimate moments are uninterrupted, allowing for a deeper connection and exploration, be it during solo play, pegging sex, or a strap-on extravaganza.

Take Control: Strap-On Dildos:

Whether you're into domination sex or just looking for a change of roles, our strap-on dildos offer power and pleasure rolled into one. Perfect for both vaginal and anal adventures, these dildos empower you to peg, pleasure, and play on your terms.

Paint Your Pleasure: Dildo Customization:

Passions come in every hue, and so do our dildos. From sultry shades to vivacious vibrancy, our hand-mixed colors ensure your toy is as visually tantalizing as it is sensually satisfying. Whether it's the deep allure of Gunmetal Grey or the seductive warmth of Natural Tan, we’ve got a spectrum of seduction waiting for you.

Pushing Boundaries: From Gaping to Fantasy Play:

For those seeking the extremes, MrHankeysToys doesn’t shy away. Dive deep into anal gaping experiences, revel in the ecstasy of extreme sex, or lose yourself in the immersive world of fantasy sex toys. Whether it’s the thrill of the forbidden or the allure of the unknown, we’re here to make your most audacious fantasies come to life.

Discover the COCKMAKER: The Masterpiece from the Maestro Himself

The Forbidden Fantasy Unleashed

It's one thing to dream about the hands that sculpt your fantasies; it's another to experience the very essence of the artist himself. MrHankeysToys presents to you a masterpiece from their very own creator, the legend behind the curtain - introducing the tantalizing COCKMAKER dildo.

Direct from the Source

The intrigue of a forbidden encounter; the allure of the unseen craftsman – HankeysToys unlocks this secret realm. Meticulously molded from our master artisan's own intimate anatomy, the COCKMAKER offers a taste of the forbidden. Known for his enigmatic touch and flair, the CockMaker isn't just the genius behind your favorite fantasy dildo creations but now becomes your very own personal fantasy. Got a curiosity itch? Well, here's your chance to follow him on Twitter and dive deep into the man behind the magic.

Artistry in Every Inch

Every ridge, every vein, every tantalizing curve – the COCKMAKER monster dildo stands as a testament to the art of eroticism. Known for crafting the spectacular marbled patterns and colors that have driven many to the brink of ecstasy, now you can feel, firsthand, the anatomy of the genius. From mouth-watering veins that promise a symphony of sensations to its immaculate shape, designed for unparalleled pleasure, this is more than just a realistic dildo; it's an intimate encounter with the master himself.

Dependability Redefined

In the unpredictable landscape of passion, one thing remains certain: the COCKMAKER’s unwavering commitment to pleasure. No sick days, no timeouts; just pure, undiluted passion 24/7, 365 days a year. While he crafts custom dildos with unparalleled dedication, his own replica stands ready to serve – always up, always eager. Whether it's a quickie before dawn or a marathon till dusk, he’s there, ensuring you never walk away unsatisfied.

Experience the Revelation

Discover the man behind the magic. Dive into the lore of the COCKMAKER with our exclusive YouTube video, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of this iconic penis dildo. Pictured in a sensual Natural Tan, each piece is as unique as the desires it fulfills, with hand-mixed colors ensuring your COCKMAKER is one-of-a-kind.

The Superior Quality of HankeysToys: More Than Just A Dildo

Premium Craftsmanship for Intimate Delight

When diving deep into the world of pleasure, you deserve nothing but the best. MrHankeysToys guarantees a ticket to ecstasy, ensuring each ride is smoother, safer, and entirely sensational with their platinum-cured silicone dildos. What's the big deal, you ask? Platinum-cured silicone stands as the gold standard in the sex toy industry. Not just for its lifelike texture that mimics the warmth and softness of human skin but also for its unparalleled durability and safety standards.

Embrace Your Wildest Fantasies

Every person is a universe of desires, fantasies, and secret wishes. HankeysToys’ body-safe fantasy dildos are not just instruments of pleasure, but a bridge to your wildest dreams. Whether you're a fan of monstrous girth, snake-like lengths, or just something that hits the right spot, there's a fantasy waiting to be fulfilled. Safe, sensational, and oh-so-sexy, these dildos respect your body while pushing its boundaries.

Customization: Your Pleasure, Your Way

Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have a cock dildo tailor-made for your desires? Dive into the world of custom dildos, where every curve, every ridge, every color screams YOU. Whether it's replicating your partner's member for those long-distance nights or designing a unique combination to hit all your sweet spots, the realm of custom dildo creation at HankeysToys is where dreams come to life.

Unlock the Power of Vac-U-Lock

Ever wished for a more hands-free experience? Or perhaps you're looking to introduce some spicy sex games in the bedroom? Enter the Vac-U-Lock system. Compatible with a myriad of harnesses, machines, and accessories, this game-changer ensures your dildo stays in place, whether you're indulging in solo pleasure, diving into intense lesbian action, or exploring gay territories. It's time to level up your game.

Colors That Caress Your Fantasies

From the mysterious allure of Midnight Black to the passionate vibes of Scarlet Red, dive into a spectrum of colors that not only appeal to the eyes but also set the mood. HankeysToys ensures each hue, hand-mixed with precision, adds another layer to your intimate stories, making every session a masterpiece.

Explore. Experience. Elevate.

Whether it's anal mysteries you seek or the depths of vaginal treasures, the world of HankeysToys is an open book of desires. Straight, gay, or lesbian; every orientation, every fantasy has its special place. The only question is, how far are you willing to explore?

Feast on the Temptation of Aaron Klein: Thick, Fat & Ready to Satisfy

An Appetite for the Extraordinary

Attention pleasure seekers! If your deepest desires have longed for a juicy feast, a mouthwatering experience that leaves you gasping, MrHankeysToys presents to you the man of your dreams – the luscious Aaron Klein. Imagine the hung heroes from your most vivid fantasies and dial it up a notch. That's Aaron for you.

Unmatched Girthiness: Dive Deep, Ride Hard

The real allure of Aaron isn't just the length – it's the indulgent thickness. With a cock dildo that promises a fullness that's both overwhelming and satisfying, the fantasy dildo offers a girthiness designed to stretch your limits and fill you up in ways you've only daydreamed about. The original size starts you off with a tantalizing 6" of insertable pleasure, and for the daring souls, the 4XL size teases almost 12". Feel every delicious inch, savor the sensation of being utterly, wholly consumed.

More than Just a Toy: A Sculpture of Seduction

But it isn't merely about size, darlings. The beauty of Aaron Klein, this custom dildo sensation, lies in the details. The shaft, masterfully wider than its roundness, is a unique form that guarantees to hit every sensitive spot, sending shockwaves of pleasure with every thrust. The monster dildo isn't just a toy, it's an experience – from the intricately crafted veins that ripple across its surface to the balls that feel oh-so-realistic, your hands, and well, other parts, are in for a treat.

The Beauty of Realism

HankeysToys has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of perfection. The lifecasting technique employed ensures every vein, every contour, and every tantalizing detail of the real deal is captured. This realistic dildo isn’t just a tool; it’s Aaron Klein in all his glory. Prepare yourself for a ride that mirrors reality, with the added thrill of fantasy.

Colors to Caress Your Desires

Visual appeal sets the stage for physical pleasure. And with Aaron showcased in Natural Tan (although be reminded, colors are hand-mixed, so subtle variations add to its unique charm), this penis dildo is every bit as visually alluring as it is sensationally satisfying. Whether you're indulging in solo sessions or spicing it up with a partner, let Aaron be the centerpiece of your bedroom theatrics.

Unveiling the Sensual Secrets of MrHankeysToys' Collection

Platinum-Cured Silicone: The Gold Standard in Pleasure

When it comes to body-intimate products, the premium quality of materials isn’t just a luxury, it's a necessity. Enter the world of platinum-cured silicone dildos. Renowned for their durability, safety, and luxurious feel, these dildos from MrHankeysToys offer a lifelike sensation, warming naturally to your body’s temperature while being resistant to tears and degradation. Dive deep into pleasure, knowing that your toy is as safe as it is satisfying.

Fantasy that Feels Real: The Allure of Body-Safe Fantasy Dildos

Ever dreamt of celestial beings, mythical creatures, or powerful deities? Turn those sultry fantasies into a palpable reality with MrHankeysToys’ collection of fantasy dildos. Not just an epitome of creativity, each of these toys guarantees body safety, ensuring that your flights of fancy remain healthy and harm-free.

Customized Pleasure with Custom Dildos

Unique desires call for unique solutions. If you've been yearning for a toy that meets your specific needs, be it a particular shape, curve, or texture, MrHankeysToys' custom dildo offerings have got you covered. Molded to cater to your deepest fantasies, these dildos promise a tailor-made experience, ensuring that no desire goes unfulfilled.

Lock in the Thrill: The Magic of Vac-U-Lock Dildos

Introduce an element of control and stability to your play with Vac-U-Lock dildos. Compatible with a range of harnesses and machines, they ensure a secure fit, amplifying the intensity of every thrust. Be it for anal or vaginal adventures, straight, gay, or lesbian escapades – these versatile gems are made for those who love to play hard and fast.

Color Your Pleasure: Hand-Mixed Hues for Every Mood

A visual tease can set the stage for a more intense physical experience. With MrHankeysToys, you're spoiled for choice with an array of hand-mixed colors. From seductive blacks to passionate reds, and the enticing natural tan, there’s a shade for every naughty narrative.

🔥 Unleash the Beast: ANACONDA by MrHankeysToys: 🔥

The Rendezvous with the Realism:

Get ready to get wrapped up in pure passion. From the lascivious minds behind the legendary El Rey comes another masterstroke of sexual artistry – the ANACONDA dildo. HankeysToys does it again, crafting a fantasy dildo that's as close to the real, wild thing as it gets. This isn't just a toy; it's an invitation to an experience. Hold it in your hands, and you'll know what we mean. Every inch, every texture, every curve feels like a dangerous dalliance, a sinful sojourn.

A Wild Ride:

Modeled after nature's most captivating predator, this snake dildo promises a unique sensation that's predatory in its passion, and intense in its intimacy. With a design that goes sinfully WIDE, this monster dildo is primed to prey on your deepest desires. Imagine a wrist-like sensation, a fullness that feels oh-so-different yet oh-so-right. Your typical cylindrical playthings? Child's play compared to the beastly bliss the ANACONDA offers.

Tip to Tail – An Erotic Expedition:

Starting with a tantalizingly pointed tip, every inch of the ANACONDA is designed for depth play that knows no bounds. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player in the world of pleasure, this cock dildo guarantees sensations that are both fresh and familiar. Every bend, and every curve is navigated with naughty precision, ensuring that this realistic dildo hits spots you didn't even know existed. It's not just about depth; it's about breadth too. Feel the pronounced rim of its head as it artfully applies pressure, making every entry and exit a symphony of sensations.

Texture and Tantalization:

Don't just look – touch, feel, explore. With a skin-like texture that beckons your barest touch and gorgeously detailed veins that promise authentic action, the ANACONDA is a visual and tactile treat. Every glide feels like a graceful dance between reality and fantasy, blurring the lines of where one ends and the other begins.

Customize Your Climax:

Your pleasure, your way. If the ANACONDA's design wasn't seductive enough, MrHankeysToys offers a world of customization. From hues that range from natural tan to wild fantasies, every color is hand-mixed, ensuring your dildo is as unique as your desires. And if you're in the mood for some ball action, grab the Remove-O-Balls, sold separately, and add another layer to your lusty adventures.

See It To Believe It:

Words can paint a picture, but seeing the ANACONDA in all its glory? That's a different thrill altogether. Dive into our YouTube video and witness this penis dildo's prowess first-hand. Let your imagination run wild as you see what awaits you. The jungle of joy beckons; are you ready to answer its call?

🔥 The Pinnacle of Pleasure – A Deep Dive into Dildo Delights: 🔥

Platinum-Cured Silicone – The Gold Standard:

When you're venturing into the wild world of passion, only the best will do. Enter the realm of platinum-cured silicone dildos. HankeysToys ensures the luxurious feel of realness, combined with unparalleled safety. Soft, sumptuous, and supple – it's the closest you'll get to the real deal without a heartbeat. Every touch is an affirmation, every thrust a testament to quality and care.

Body-Safe Fantasy – Dare to Dream:

Release your innermost desires with body-safe fantasy dildos. Let your dreams take a tangible form, exploring mythical realms, or reliving forbidden fantasies. Crafted with meticulous precision, these dildos are the embodiment of your most secret passions, ensuring every escapade is safe and sumptuous.

Make It Yours – Custom Dildos:

Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have a piece of art tailored just for you? Custom dildos by MrHankeysToys are a connoisseur’s choice. Pick your size, shape, texture, and tone, creating a masterpiece that matches your mood and modus operandi. It's not just a toy; it's a statement.

Lock In The Pleasure – Vac-U-Lock Dildos:

Consistency and control are the cornerstones of carnal conquests. The Vac-U-Lock system ensures your toy stays in place, providing perfect pleasure with every push and pull. Whether you're riding solo or with a partner, be it straight, gay, or lesbian games, this innovation adds an anchor to your adventures.

Color Your Desires – Diverse Palettes:

Desire isn't one-dimensional, and neither are the dildos at HankeysToys. From sultry shades of seduction to vibrant hues of hedonism, the spectrum is as diverse as your dreams. Each color is hand-mixed, ensuring your toy is as unique as your fantasies.

All Aboard the Pleasure Train:

Whether it's the tantalizing tightness of anal penetration or the velvety voyage of vaginal play, our range caters to every craving. Embark on straight, gay, or lesbian games, and let the toys play an integral part in your passion play. Every form, every function, every fantasy is catered to, ensuring that every individual, irrespective of their orientation, finds their path to pleasure.

Indulge in Luxurious Pleasure with MrHankeysToys' Opulent Assbergé

Step into the world of unparalleled luxury where pleasure meets sophistication. HankeysToys invites you to a sensual soiree that promises to tantalize and tease, unveiling realms of desire you've only ever dreamt of. Dripping in decadence and crafted for the connoisseur of intimate delights, the Assbergé Egg Plug isn't just a toy—it's an experience, a rite of passage into the elite circles of sensuality.

A Symphony of Stretch and Satisfaction

In the grand ballroom of ecstasy, the Assbergé is the crowning jewel. This magnificent butt plug is designed not just for pleasure, but to elicit gasps of sheer wonderment. With its grandeur starting even at its daintiest size, every inch promises a journey of divine expansion. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado of huge anal toys or a brave heart looking to explore the grand tapestry of pleasure, this is your golden ticket. Each size of the Assbergé is a testament to HankeysToys' craftsmanship and dedication to pleasure. Every curve, every rise, is a carefully orchestrated note in a symphony of satisfaction, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for even the most insatiable of desires.

Artistry Meets Arousal

But pleasure isn't just about size or stretch. It's about the dance of senses, the intertwining of sight and touch. The Assbergé isn't just a large anal toy—it's a work of art. Bathed in the bewitching hue of Metallic Purple, it gleams with the promise of nocturnal escapades and sultry secrets. And remember darling, like all masterpieces, each Assbergé is unique with hand-mixed colors, ensuring that your pleasure toy is as individual as your desires. The intricate decorative details on the Assbergé don't just promise a visual feast. They're crafted for those intimate moments, heightening every sensation, making every second with the Assbergé a luxurious dalliance between pleasure and art.

Dive Deep with the Grandeur of Assbergé

If your desires lean towards the magnificent, the majestic, and the monumental, then the Assbergé Egg Plug is your perfect partner in passion. Whether you're exploring the vast terrains of huge anal toys for the first time or adding another jewel to your collection of large anal toys, this is a must-have.

While our custom dildos offer the allure of personalization, note that the Assbergé, in all its splendor, stands alone—without the option for an attachment hole. It is designed for pure, unadulterated pleasure. Want a sneak peek into the world of the Assbergé? Dive into our YouTube video, where the mysteries of this magnificent masterpiece are unveiled, one sensual secret at a time.

Experience the Gold Standard: Platinum-Cured Silicone

At HankeysToys, we understand that luxury isn't just about aesthetics—it's also about assurance. As connoisseurs of sensuality, we believe that your intimate indulgences should be both sumptuous and safe. That's why the exquisite Assbergé Egg Plug and our collection of custom dildos and butt plugs are masterfully crafted using platinum-cured silicone. This isn't just any silicone, darling. It's the crème de la crème of materials, ensuring that your play is as body-safe as it is blissful.

Desire-Driven Design for Discerning Devotees

But why stop at just one luxurious experience? HankeysToys caters to a tapestry of tastes, allowing you the liberty to truly make each product your own. From the deepest desires of America's heartlands to the sultry secrets of international shores, our customization options ensure that your pleasure is personalized. Love the lure of the Assbergé but yearn for a splash of sultry scarlet or tantalizing teal? Our palette of passionate hues is hand-mixed, offering a spectrum of sensations. Remember, every color tells a story, a secret, a fantasy. Which shade speaks to your soul?

Paving Pleasurable Pathways for All

It's a world where pleasure knows no boundaries, and we, at HankeysToys, are on a mission to ensure that everyone—whether from the fifty states or the farthest corners of the globe—has access to premium, body-safe dildos and butt plugs. We believe that fostering better sexual outcomes isn't just about providing tools; it's about creating experiences, celebrating desires, and cherishing every individual's unique journey of discovery. So whether you're a curious novice or a seasoned savant, trust in HankeysToys to elevate your escapades, turn moments into memories, and ensure that every dalliance is as delightful as it is safe.

Atlas Rises: A Majestic Marvel from MrHankeysToys

When tales of desire are whispered in hushed tones and stories of passion become the stuff of legends, there emerges a hero from the annals of ecstasy. This isn't just any protagonist—this is the Titan of Temptation, the Behemoth of Bliss: Introducing the ATLAS dildo from the distinguished chambers of MrHankeysToys. This is where mythology and reality collide in a passionate embrace, delivering an odyssey of pleasure that's as grandiose as its name suggests.

Bigger, Bolder, Braver: Atlas Challenges the Titans

Ever heard of Goliath? Whispered about the Ogre in the dead of night? Well, Atlas not only knows them but also surpasses them. Holding the weighty title of the LARGEST 4XL toy to date, this Herculean wonder stands tall, casting shadows even over the mighty GOLIATH dildo and the formidable OGRE dildo. Measuring a gasp-inducing 17.5" in circumference at its voluptuous center and boasting a generous 14.25" of insertable ecstasy, this titan weighs in at approximately 16lbs. This is not just a dildo; it's an experience, a rite of passage for the bravest of souls. Only the pros, those seasoned in the art of pleasure, should dare to challenge this leviathan.

The Hybrid Hero: Realism Meets Fantasy

In the hallowed halls of HankeysToys, craftsmanship meets imagination, producing unique masterpieces. The ATLAS dildo is no exception. A harmonious blend of lifelike detailing and fantasy elements, Atlas showcases the exquisite intricacies of a real lifecasting while introducing tantalizing alterations. Its bulbous center is a testament to this bold innovation, presenting a unique silhouette that promises waves of pleasure. This colossus of carnal cravings offers a shape that tantalizingly teases the senses, beckoning you to explore realms of passion you've never ventured into before.

A Symphony of Sizes: Pleasure for All

While the 4XL Atlas is a siren song for the adventurous, MrHankeysToys recognizes the symphony of desires that echo in the hearts of many. Thankfully, for those whose hearts flutter at the thought of something a tad less daunting, there are three other size variations. Whether you're dipping your toes into the waters of fantasy dildo exploration or seeking a realistic dildo that thrills without overwhelming, Atlas has a version tailored just for you. It’s an alluring blend of fantasy and reality, a cock dildo that defies convention while embracing everyone.

Handcrafted Perfection: A Vision in Deep Brown

Like an artist’s masterpiece, each Atlas is individually handcrafted with meticulous care. Pictured in a sultry Deep Brown, it mirrors the mystique of twilight and the depth of your darkest desires. But remember, every Atlas is a unique piece of art. The colors are hand-mixed, so tones may vary, making each piece a distinct testament to your individual passion. Let your eyes feast on its splendor through our YouTube video, a visual sojourn that promises to captivate and intrigue.

Platinum Prowess: Crafting the Colossus

The true marvel behind the ATLAS dildo lies not just in its size but in its composition. Nestled in the lush embrace of platinum-cured silicone, every inch of this titan promises a touch that's as decadent as it is delicate. MrHankeysToys employs this platinum allure to offer not just pleasure but a promise—a promise of longevity, luxury, and a liaison that's skin-safe.

Your Fantasy, Your Forte: Dive Deeper Safely

For those who daydream of big dildos, yearning to explore the vast terrains of large dildo fantasies, be it anal or vaginal, safety should never be a side note. ATLAS is a testament to how body-safe fantasy dildos can and should be. While its massive form invites you to push boundaries and explore uncharted territories of pleasure, its body-safe composition ensures that your intimate escapades remain blissfully worry-free.

Be the Creator: Customize Your Colossal Journey

With HankeysToys at the helm, the power of personalization is at your fingertips. Want the mighty ATLAS but with a personal twist? Dive into the realm of custom dildos, where your desires shape the narrative. Be it a tweak in texture or a curvature that calls to your deepest cravings, the world of customization ensures your titan of temptation is tailored just for you.

Vac-U-Lock Dreams: Ensuring Steadfast Pleasure

When indulging in monumental pleasures, the last thing you want is a slip-up. Enter the genius of Vac-U-Lock. This masterstroke of design ensures that ATLAS, despite its grandeur, remains anchored, enhancing your intimate escapades with stability and prolonged ecstasy. It's an innovation that turns fantasies into breathtaking realities.

Colorful Carnal Cravings: Choose Your Passion Palette

Let your ATLAS be as vibrant or as mysterious as your desires. Whether it's the enigmatic allure of Deep Brown, the passionate fervor of fiery red, or the soothing seduction of oceanic blue, the choice is yours. Dive into a spectrum of shades, each hand-mixed with precision and passion, and set the stage for an erotic tale that's as colorful as your wildest dreams.

Unleash the FIREHOSE: Quench Your Thirst for Extreme Desire!

Ever felt that blazing passion simmering, aching for release deep within? When ordinary playthings fail to quench your insatiable desires, it's time to drench those flames with the hottest tool in town—the FIREHOSE from MrHankeysToys!

Size Matters, Honey:

If you've been teasing and testing the titillating boundaries of 10"-12" fantasies, you might have just stumbled upon the paradise of pleasure. This ain't your typical cock dildo—it's a force of nature that demands attention. And boy, is it equipped to extinguish your burning yearnings.

A Texture That Tantalizes:

FIREHOSE isn't just a name; it's a promise—a promise of a whirlwind rendezvous with ecstasy. Its unique, powdery-soft texture seductively grazes against your sensitive spots, creating the kind of friction that's pure gold: not overtly smooth that it slips away, and not so rugged that it’s a desert march. It's the perfect balance, the Goldilocks of dildos if you will.

Dive Deep into Sensuous Realism:

From its bulbous head, discreetly veiled by a luscious layer of thick foreskin, every inch of this monster dildo screams perfection. Let it delve into you, exploring unchartered territories until it's balls deep. Feel the exquisite ecstasy as its perfectly crafted 360° nutsack presses fervently against your perineum, sending waves of pleasure rippling through your core.

The Ultimate Custom Fantasy Dildo:

The world of HankeysToys is nothing short of a treasure trove for those who seek the extraordinary. FIREHOSE is more than just a realistic dildo—it's a dream sculpted into existence. Whether you crave the heft of a thick dildo, the awe-inspiring majesty of a fat dildo, or the fantasy of a custom dildo, FIREHOSE embodies it all. Each intricate vein, and every tantalizing texture is handcrafted to propel you into the throes of passion.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

When we say FIREHOSE is a top pick, we aren't just blowing steam. This gaping dildo comes with the HankeysToys seal of guaranteed pleasure, ensuring that every intimate rendezvous with it is nothing short of spectacular. Prepare to be drenched in euphoria, for the FIREHOSE is designed to make you come... and come again!

Why MrHankeysToys Reigns Supreme: A Dive into the Best in Sensual Craftsmanship

The Platinum Touch:

If there's one thing that sets the creations of MrHankeysToys apart, it's the use of platinum-cured silicone. Imagine the sensation of silken platinum caressing your deepest desires, molding to your every curve. This isn't just any silicone—it's the epitome of luxury, promising longevity, flexibility, and an experience as close to the real deal as it gets. Beyond the tantalizing touch, platinum-cured silicone ensures that your playtime remains safe, hygienic, and supremely pleasurable.

A Fantasy Come to Life:

In the realm of body-safe fantasy dildos, MrHankeysToys stands unrivaled. Every fantasy dildo is crafted with the intricacies of the wildest dreams, ensuring your escapades, be it vaginal or anal, are etched in the annals of unforgettable passion. Delve into the realms of monsters, magic, and mystery with dildos that promise an otherworldly experience.

Your Desires, Customized:

Why settle for the mundane when you can get a custom dildo, tailored just for you? From the thickness of a fat dildo to the lengths of a monster dildo, and every curve of a realistic dildo, every detail can be tweaked to your liking. Let your imagination run wild and watch as MrHankeysToys brings it to life, ensuring that every intimate moment is uniquely yours.

Strap It On & Dive In:

Whether you're a fan of pegging, domination, or lesbian sex games, the Vac-U-Lock and Strap-On dildos have got you covered. These dildos aren't just tools; they're extensions of your fantasies, offering unparalleled control. Tighten those straps, assume control, and let the games begin!

Colors of Passion:

Set the mood with a spectrum of colors to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a sultry, Natural Tan or looking to spice things up with more exotic shades, MrHankeysToys ensures the tones are mixed to perfection, adding another layer to your sensual play.

Unleash the Tempest: Thor's Hammer by MrHankeysToys

From Legend to Lust:

Every whispered tale from the sin-soaked alleys of Norse mythology couldn't prepare you for this – the most formidable weapon ever crafted in the annals of pleasure, brought to you by none other than MrHankeysToys. Like a storm brewing on the horizon, the anticipation alone will leave you dripping with desire.

The Almighty Shaft:

Behold the majesty of Thor's Hammer, reincarnated not as a mere weapon but as a fantasy dildo that promises pleasure of mythic proportions. This isn't just a cock dildo. It's an epic of veined textures, every inch telling tales of sinful nights and moans that echoed across Valhalla. This thick dildo will push your boundaries, ensuring every session feels like a saga of ecstasy. The weight of its legacy, combined with its girth, ensures that when Thor's Hammer goes down, it goes down hard.

The Power of Thor:

Submit to the wrath of Thor himself. Let the power of this fertile Norse god course through you as this monster dildo makes a thunderous entrance, challenging even the mightiest of gates. It's more than a penis dildo; it's a tempest, a force of nature. And when it strikes, you won’t just see stars—you’ll experience the entire galaxy. A lightning rod of passion, it's primed to pound your inner sanctums with divine dominance, leaving you gasping for breath and begging for more.

A Mythical Custom Experience:

Every god has his preference, and at HankeysToys, we believe so should you. Take a stroll down the path of custom dildo offerings and make Thor's Hammer truly yours. Whether it's a touch more length to tease those deep, hidden spots or a shade that tickles your fancy, the hammer can be forged just the way you desire. It’s no longer a relic of the past; it’s a sinful future you can tailor to your deepest, darkest cravings.

Handcrafted Hues:

Pictured in a sultry Natural Tan, every Thor's Hammer from our collection boasts a color palette hand-mixed by artisanal dildo-smiths. Each hue, from the darkest midnight to the most passionate crimson, promises to be as unique as your lustful fantasies. But remember, while colors might vary, the pleasure doesn’t.

The Sinful Secrets Behind MrHankeysToys Collection

Divine Material – Platinum-Cured Silicone:

When you indulge in pleasure, why not opt for the finest? With MrHankeysToys, your sins are crafted in platinum-cured silicone, the pinnacle of body intimacy materials. It’s not just about feeling good; it’s about feeling right, safe, and lavished in luxury. Every thrust, every tease is not only decadent but also supremely body-safe.

Realistic Dildos: An Odyssey of Orgasms:

Step into the realm of sinful sensations with our range of realistic dildos. From the temptingly pronounced cock tip to the intricately mapped veins that promise a tantalizing texture, every inch is designed to delight. The bulging balls add a touch of authenticity and an extra layer of lust. Your fantasies are about to become palpably real.

Customization – Your Desires, Detailed:

We at MrHankeysToys understand the nuances of naughtiness. Hence, our custom dildo range. Do you crave a little more girth? A shade of wicked crimson perhaps? Or maybe, the allure of midnight black? Craft your fantasy dildo, tailor-made to tease and tantalize your unique tastes. After all, desire is in the details.

Vac-U-Lock and Strap-Ons: Dominate & Be Dominated:

For those nights when you're yearning for a touch of domination, or maybe a twist of submission, our Vac-U-Lock dildos ensure a sturdy grip for a relentless ride. Dive deep into the realms of strap-on sex and pegging with dildos that promise to stay in place, no matter how wild the storm of passion gets.

Colors That Kindle Cravings:

With MrHankeysToys, every hue is hand-mixed, ensuring your toy is as unique as your fantasies. From passionate purples to tempting teals, pick a shade that sends shivers down your spine even before the play begins.

Experience Extreme:

For the ones who don't just toe the line but revel in crossing it, our collection boasts options perfect for extreme sex. Challenge your boundaries, and let the sensation of anal gaping, the depths of domination sex, and the heights of pleasure redefine your nights (and days).

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