Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine

Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine
Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine
Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine
Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine
Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine

Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine

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Master Series

🔐 Embrace Premium Kink with the Ultimate Obedience Chair

Dive into a world of decadent pleasure and luxurious submission with our Ultimate Obedience Chair with Sex Machine! 🎢. This isn't just a sex chair—it's your personal ticket to the theatre of erotic adventure. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner on the journey of BDSM, this piece of equipment will fulfill your wildest dreams.

🛠️ Versatile Adjustments for Perfect Positioning

Who says you can't have it all? This sex stool is all about perfect positioning and comfort for both you and your partner! With an adjustable backboard and leg height, you can easily customize your lover's position to suit your every whim. Have them sit upright to witness the waves of pleasure you administer, or lay them back for a relaxing, exposed playtime 🎭.

🌐 Heavy-Duty Frame for Rock Solid Performance

When it comes to strength, our sex chair never disappoints. Built to handle up to a hefty 440 lbs (199 kg), its robust frame is just as sturdy as your darkest fantasies. Ready for an intense session? The fucking machine is primed to deliver! 💪.

🛏️ Cushioned Comfort for Lengthy Sessions

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to luxurious pleasure! Our saddle sex machine comes equipped with plush, foam cushions, all swathed in sleek PVC leather. Perfect for those longer scenes, these cushions offer your partner a soft place to push into during your passionate play 🛋️.

🔗 Stay in Control with Secure Straps

Ready for some titillating restraint? Our sex chair is! It boasts adjustable straps with robust ABS plastic buckles that secure your partner's legs and chest. Whether for safety, control or to limit writhing ecstasy, these straps are easy to use and fast to adjust. And, with handy D-rings on the sides, you can attach wrist cuffs or other bondage accessories. The control is all yours – how will you play? 🎲

💫 Elevate Your Pleasure with the Detachable Sex Machine

As if the Ultimate Obedience Chair isn't enough, we've taken things to another level with the inclusion of a detachable sex-machine. Want to put on a seductive performance for your partner? Or simply enjoy a little self-indulgence at home? This dynamic saddle sex machine is ready to deliver, transforming any evening into an unforgettable pleasure party! 🎉

💦 Experience Powerful Thrusting Pleasure

Built for the wild at heart, this fucking machine doesn't hold back. With its thrusting dildo made of body-safe TPE and a mighty RPM of 195, you're in for some seriously satisfying action. The powerful thrusts are guaranteed to drive you wild! 🚀

🕹️ Personalized Sensations with the Corded Controller

Your pleasure, your way! With the corded controller in your hand, you're in full control. Adjust the speed to hit that sweet spot and get the exact sensation you crave, while being securely strapped into the chair. This is your ride—enjoy it at your own pace and on your own terms! 🎚️

🔌 Uninterrupted Power for Non-Stop Pleasure

There's nothing worse than a pleasure session cut short. With our sex machine, you won't have to worry about that. Simply plug it into a wall outlet or an extension cord and enjoy the full, relentless power all the time. Your journey to orgasmic bliss just got a whole lot smoother! 🌈

🎭 Dive into Pleasure Play

Set the stage for a night to remember. Ask your partner to step onto this seductive sex stool. Dial in the perfect height for their legs and adjust the angle of the backboard just right. This isn't just about their comfort, though - it's about yours, too! 🍾

🔗 Bound, Teased and Pleasured

Once you've set the scene, buckle them in and let the games begin. Engage in a delightful mix of pleasure and pain as they writhe in ecstasy. With their senses heightened, bring out your favorite toys - floggers, nipple clamps, ticklers, vibrators - the choice is yours! When you're ready to step up the intensity, attach the sex machine and watch them shiver with anticipation. 🌹

💁‍♀️ Solo Play? We've Got You Covered!

Flying solo? There's no reason why you can't enjoy this sex chair all on your own. Strap yourself in and feel the comforting support of the leg boards, allowing you to spread wide as you play to your heart's content. Indulge in the luxury of your bondage chair, take the reins of your pleasure, and don't forget to attach the sex machine for that extra punch of satisfaction! 😈

🧼 Keep it Fresh and Clean

After the fun, it's all about easy maintenance. To clean the chair, simply give it a spritz with a toy cleaner and wipe it down with a soft cloth. To keep the PVC faux leather material looking its best, avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. With proper care, your sex chair will be ready to serve up pleasure for years to come! 💦🌟

💫 Discover a Galaxy of Pleasure

🎭 The Upright Experience

When they're seated upright, their body is your canvas 🖼️. Spread their legs wide and enjoy the feast before you! The sex machine is ready to be your ally, creating waves of pleasure that make their toes curl. Restrain their hands, deny them the opportunity to touch themselves, and revel in their helpless ecstasy!

It's time to introduce the magic wand. Press it against their most sensitive spots and watch them squirm with anticipation. Their chest is open and ready for you to explore with slaps, pinches, or tantalizing trails of a Wartenberg wheel. If you're feeling daring, grab a slapper and let their inner thighs or chest feel the stinging kiss of leather. Give them a gag and whisper sweet nothings as you stroke their exposed skin, then prepare yourself for the main event – give them a real pounding with your own body or the relentless sex machine. 💥🍑

👄 Half Reclined and Ready for Pleasure

For an experience that's truly intimate, adjust the backrest to a 45-degree angle and see their world flip! 🔄 With legs raised and hips thrust forward, they're in the perfect spot for G-spot magic. Why not introduce some extras into the mix? Nipple clamps add a delicious twinge of pain, while a ball gag can silence their moans and make them drool with pleasure.

Amp up the intensity by slipping a blindfold over their eyes - with their sight taken away, every touch, every whisper, every vibration becomes that much more intense! Skip penetration this time and reach for a vibrator, letting the waves of pleasure wash over them while they're restrained, with nowhere to run. The perfect setup for a climax that will have them seeing stars! 🌠💋

🔥 Half Reclined - The Ultimate Male Pegging Experience

Prepare for a wild ride as you bring their hips to the very edge of the chair, bound at a 45-degree angle. With their chest and waist secured in the straps, their hands are cuffed overhead to the chair's D-rings, creating a picture of complete surrender! 😈🔗 Enjoy their vulnerability as you tease them into a frenzy. Use a stroker, vibrator, or your skilled hand to drive them to the edge.

Their nipples are at your mercy – consider employing nipple clamps to enhance their experience. A paddle, slapper, crop, or flogger becomes a tool for their torment, delivering delicious pain. If you're feeling adventurous, why not incorporate e-stim and watch their reactions? Your final act? Have the sex machine relentlessly pound their backside, or take matters into your own hands and provide the pegging pleasure yourself! 🍆💦

🌹 Fully Reclined - Utter Exposed Ecstasy

For the truly daring, try the fully reclined position. This pose, though requiring a little elevation, promises a scene of complete submission and an absolute pleasure! Have the sex machine working overtime, delivering powerful thrusts as they pleasure you with their mouth. 😮💕 With their belly and chest fully exposed, the stage is set for a plethora of sensation play options.

From clothespins and clamps to Wartenberg wheels or vampire gloves, let your imagination run wild! 🦇 Unleash your favorite impact toys and drive them to new heights of pleasure and pain – the Ultimate Obedience Chair ensures they're not going anywhere. The control is all yours! 😎🎇

📏 Perfect Dimensions for Pleasure and Comfort

This naughty piece of pleasure furniture has the ideal dimensions to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. The overall dimensions are 54 inches in length, 21.5 inches in width, and a height of 57 inches. The cozy torso pad measures 31 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width, while the seat pad provides comfort at 22 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width. Each of the inviting legs rests measures 11 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The sturdy stabilizer arm extends 14 inches.

The pleasing dildo stands at an overall length of 6.75 inches, with 5.5 inches insertable, and its widest diameter is 1.8 inches. The thrust length is a delectable 2.36 inches. This chair is built to support pleasure seekers of all shapes and sizes, with a maximum weight limit of a whopping 440 lbs. And with the dildo delivering thrusts up to 195 times per minute, you're in for a wild ride! 🍆💨

🎨 Exquisite Materials and Aesthetics

The Ultimate Obedience Chair is a delight to the senses, made from iron, wood, foam, PVC leather, nylon, and ABS plastic. The luscious dildo attachment is made from body-safe TPE. The chair is styled in a sophisticated black, while the dildo shines in a seductive light color, adding an elegant touch to your kinky playroom. 🖤💎

⚡ Powering Your Pleasure

This captivating sex machine is powered by an input voltage of AC 100-240V and an output voltage of DC 24V. This ensures that you have non-stop power for non-stop pleasure! Just remember to avoid using petroleum-based lubricants with the TPE dildo to maintain its silky smooth surface. 🚫💦

🔑 Key Features for Exquisite Enjoyment

This pleasure throne is packed with features designed to elevate your intimate play. With its adjustable backrest, plush PVC leather pads, D-rings and quick-release straps, and durable frame, you're guaranteed comfort, support, and versatility. Whether you're planning an extended session or a quick kinky interlude, this chair is your perfect partner in pleasure. And of course, let's not forget the detachable sex machine, complete with a corded, handheld controller for customized pleasure. 🌟🎮

💦 Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning your Ultimate Obedience Chair is a breeze! Simply use a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water or a toy cleaner, spray down the surfaces, and wipe dry. Your chair will be ready for your next steamy encounter in no time! Your satisfaction is our top priority, so sit back, relax, and let the Ultimate Obedience Chair lead you into a world of unparalleled pleasure! 🍾🛀

Discretion Promise 🤐📦💖

📦 Step right up to the mystery box, folks! Just like the finest magicians, at The Dildo Hub, we're all about keeping your secret...secret. All our pleasure treasures fly under the radar in non-descriptive boxes, packages, padded or vacuum-sealed envelopes. Talk about hush-hush!

Secret-as-a-Whisper Billing 🧾

For those who appreciate a discreet paper trail, our charges will appear as "Booty Republic Ltd." on your credit card statements, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Even your bank won't be in on your naughty little secret! 😉💳

Discretion Promise 📦

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